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Jelly dessert

colored desserts will be a perfect decoration for your desk.Their main advantage - that do not have for a slim figure to refuse dessert, they are low-calorie, and contained in gelatin substances help rid the body of toxins.

Jelly orange

better shape for this dessert and present difficult.What could be more fun slices of bright orange ?!This dessert is always help out its originality.

Jelly orange

For this Stored 6 oranges, and can be more, I think, in a couple of oranges go to trial.Gelatin (25-30g) immediately pour into a small saucepan, can be in an iron bowl, pour a glass of cold boiled water and leave for 1 hour, gelatin should swell.An hour later the grains are spread out, put on the fire and warmed, stirring constantly with a spoon gelatin, or stick to the bottom.And most importantly - do not bring to a boil, if a couple of grains are not dissolved, just do not take them out with a spoon.

oranges are washed out and cut lengthwise into two parts.With the knife, carefully remove the flesh from the halv

es without damaging the peel.From the pulp, which we took out of oranges, squeeze the juice and filter it through a strainer.In clean saucepan, pour 200 ml of water, pour 6 tablespoons sugar, put orange pulp and put everything on fire.After boiling, cook for 6 minutes, the broth and filter.

Then the broth, gelatin and orange juice mix.Halved oranges fill receive the broth and put in refrigerator to complete solidification: jelly should tremble, but not discarded.

Now several recommendations :

  • convenient to fill oranges, peeled halves put down on the bottom glasses
  • to beautifully cut half frozen, they should be turned upside bottomed
  • if you have no time to cook jelly, grab a dry portioned bags
  • to jelly frozen good, not pour more water standards
  • to make the fruit in slices, cut them into cubes and put in orange halves and pour on top of the jelly.

dairy and coffee jelly

How to cook the fruit jelly, we already know, and now offer a gentle recipe for dessert with a touch of refreshing coffee.To achieve a beautiful smooth layers need to be patient, but this dessert is worth it.

Coffee and Milk Jelly

puff dessert we have to cook light and dark jelly.For light jellies take 15 grams of gelatin and soaked it in 100 ml of cold boiled water.Two glasses of milk boil, add three tablespoons of sugar, a little vanilla.A little cool for the milk and to introduce the dissolved gelatin, mix thoroughly and give cool.

for dark jelly also take 15 grams of gelatin and soaked it in 100 ml of cold boiled water, 40 minutes later when it swells, it is necessary to pour coffee.A coffee we prepare the rate of 2 tablespoons.spoon 2 cups of water, add 3 tablespoons of sugar.When the coffee joined coffee gelatin peremeshivayem and give cool.

Then choose a nice shape and fill layers of jelly: poured a layer of light, placed in the refrigerator, it is slightly frozen, topped up with a dark layer, and so a few times.Then leave jelly refrigerated until complete solidification.

Before serving, hold the form of jelly 1-2 minutes in warm water.Then turn the jelly form and place on a dish.

Gelatin can be soaked in a plate the whole dessert (not to 15 grams and just 30 g per 200 ml of water), but the main thing then evenly distribute the quantity of gelatin that both layers are well frozen.

Jelly - is not only bright dessert, it is also a source of valuable substances needed by the body.In the gelatin contains substances needed for bones, joints, and yet he has a beneficial effect on the nails and hair.And if you add in jelly fruits and berries, it thus provide themselves with vitamins.

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