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Vedic cooking: baking recipes

According to the Vedic tradition of cereals have the ability in handling and preparing to absorb the mood of the people who come into contact with them.In other words, grain transmit karma.That is why the oven should be with love, kindness, positive emotions.Anyone who bakes, is pleased to share with neighbors, changing the surrounding space, filling it with peace and love.Try to cook cakes for Vedic recipes without eggs - it is both useful and extremely tasty!

Banana cakes

To prepare this delicacy you will need 3 ripe bananas, sugar, 750 grams of milk powder, 750 g of coconut and 1 ch. L.soda.Cleanse the bananas and mash them with your hands into a homogeneous paste.Powdered milk, coconut and baking soda mix the separately and add them to the banana paste.Thoroughly mix the resulting mass, turning it into a soft dough.Dough rolled up balls - this is the future gingerbread.Inside the stick you can put berries or caramelized milk.Now perch in the upper part of the sugar beads and put them up on a bak

ing sugar.Bake until golden brown at 200 ° C for 15-20 minutes.After pull banana cakes from the oven, let them cool down (they are very soft), and then pass on a beautiful dish and serve.Success guaranteed!

Curd sochniki

Vegetarian Vedic cooking: baking recipes

Baking sochnikov (20-25 pieces) you will need 700 g of flour, 500 g butter, 500 g of cottage cheese, 1 ch. L.soda, sugar and vanilla.Butter grind flour, add cottage cheese, soda and mix everything in a uniform dough.Now divide the dough into 20-25 pieces and roll balls.Each ball you have to roll a rolling pin to get the circle.Sprinkle with sugar the circle and fold it in half, so that the sugar was inside.Then sprinkle one side of the sugar and roll up in a similar manner.Get quartered, sprinkle with sugar and with one hand and put on a baking sugar up.If you wish, you can sprinkle and vanilla.Sochniki Bake 20-25 minutes at 200 C. Fast, affordable and delicious!

Vedic sweetness "Nougat»

Vegetarian Vedic cooking: baking recipes

to eat sweet balls, cook 1 kg of milk powder, 500 grams of milk, 500 g of starch, zest of 1 lemon (orange), roasted nuts (hazelnuts and almonds), raisins (dried fruits and other optional), 150 g of sugar, vanillin.All mix thoroughly, except nuts, and give a little brew dough to the consistency of thick cream.Then put the dough into the mold and bake in oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 C. Now let it cool a little, and then roll it out of his balls.Roll balls in chopped nuts and leave until cool.Sweetness "Nougat" is ready!

Vegetarian Charlotte

Vegetarian Vedic cooking: baking recipes

To prepare the cake you need flour (600 g), yogurt (0.5 liters), vegetable oil (150 ml), vanillin, 1 cup sugar, 1 ch. L.soda, salt and apples (or plums, apricots, pears).Mix up yogurt, baking soda, salt, sugar, vanilla.Gradually enter the oil, stirring, and add the flour.Do you get the dough consistency of sour cream.Fruit peel and we will cut as you like: large or small, or pieces of circles.You can mix it with the dough and pour the mixture on a greased baking tray or in a pan to spread the fruit and pour them on top of the dough.Put the pan in the preheated oven and bake until cooked apple pie for 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 200-220 C. And now enjoy the fruits of their work and share with others!

Bread - a head

Bread is on our table more often than other pastries.Therefore, you can experiment and cook it with their hands.For this Prepare 400 ml of yogurt (water mixed with yogurt, or serum), vegetable oil (2-3 tbsp. L.), 1 hr. L soda, 1 teaspoon. L.salt, 1 tbsp.l.sugar (or honey).Wheat flour is used, or rye (they can be mixed in equal proportions) - as much as necessary to get the test, do not hold the form: take it in your hand, and it slips.Mix up yogurt, baking soda, salt and sugar.Enter the flour and knead the dough.Now, add the butter and knead the dough again.Put it in a greased form, cover with polythene, and on top - with a cloth and leave for 10-12 hours, so it has come (risen and increased 2-fold).Safely put the form in the oven and bake bread at 180 C for one hour.After this take out the bread from the mold and let it cool down completely.You can try!

Savoury scones with potatoes and cheese

Vegetarian Vedic cooking: baking recipes

To prepare this dish you will not need an oven.Will be ready for the frying pan.Make dough from flour and buttermilk (whey water - that is at hand), that it has turned out rather soft, knead it.Add vegetable oil and knead the dough again.Cover and let infuse for 30 minutes, and after - the section on the balls of 60-70 g begins to prepare the stuffing.Boiled potatoes, boiled in their jackets (3-4 pieces), peel and grate.Do the same with cheese.We shall cut any herbs (dill, parsley).Mix all ingredients, add spices (black pepper, basil, salt).From the obtained mass of the balls roll up the same size as that of the test.Now the ball is rolled dough cake thickness of about 3mm.In the center of the cake baggage bead filling, lift the edge of the cake and seal them on top, to get the sack.Roll out with a rolling pin into a pancake bag and put it on a heated frying pan over medium heat.Frying pan at the same time does not lubricate.When the cake browned, turn it over and now smazh upper part of butter.When the second side is browned, turn it over (oiled side down) and Brush the other side.Again flip.So you fry each cake twice with each of the parties - without oil and butter.Cakes are ready!

I wish you health and good appetite.Cooking with love, enjoy wholesome food, share it with loved ones.Take care of yourself!

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