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Healthy breakfast recipes

Proper breakfast - it's not hard!Do not skip breakfast, thinking that it is correct.

  1. Firstly, missed breakfast means that you leave your body without food for 12 hours after the last meal was bedtime.
  2. Secondly, the right breakfast - a unique opportunity to give the body a quarter of the daily requirement of vitamins and nutrients.
  3. Third, you risk to gain extra weight, skipping breakfast - hunger overtake you in the evening.
  4. Fourth, the right breakfast will greet the new day with a good mood!

What better way is there for breakfast?

  1. most suitable for breakfast products are: low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, yogurt, cereals, fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, pancakes, fruit juices, "live" yoghurt, wholemeal bread.
  2. Breakfast for students, office workers and those who are to mental activity throughout the day, should include kefir, yogurt, boiled eggs, fruit salads, cottage cheese with sour cream, cornflakes with milk, nuts, barley and oatmeal.And be sure to add the tea or porridge spoon of honey, it w
    ill saturate the brain with glucose and activates the brain activity (about the other useful properties of honey are described in the article How to choose honey?).
  3. And for those who are to exercise, a trip to the city or just a busy day, it is helpful to eat a couple oladushek with honey sandwich with chicken breast and tomato salad, cereal with milk, eggs and cheese.
  4. important role played by the breakfast beverages.Good to drink coffee beans instead of instant black tea with cream in winter and green tea with jasmine in the summer, cocoa with a piece of chocolate, freshly squeezed juices fresh juices instead.

Omelet with cheese and herbs


Beat 2-3 eggs, pour 50 ml of milk, salt and pepper.Parsley, dill, and a sprig of cilantro finely crumble, add to the eggs.Several cherry or one medium tomato cut into cubes or slices in an omelet.Preheat a frying pan, add 1 tablespoonvegetable oil and pour back omelet, fry it on both sides.

When you turned on one side of the omelet, sprinkle with grated cheese and put a few cubes.Hold the omelette under cover until cheese melts, then fold the omelet in half, garnish with fresh basil.

fruit salad with yogurt and kefir

Fruit salad with yogurt and kefir

Fruit salad with cucumber

Fruit Salad «Inspiration»

breakfast cereals

Oatmeal raisin


Rice Casserole

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