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Burfi: recipe vegetarian sweets

In India, it is considered that treating a person with sweets, we express our respect, sympathy, respect and joy.Offering food, we thus serve others by performing their true spiritual destiny.

burfi - is a popular favorite, and all Vedic sweetness that has many different variations.We will look at a recipe that will help us prepare burfi for 15 minutes.

burfi Ingredients:

  1. butter - 200 g
  2. sugar - 200 g
  3. cream - 200 g
  4. vanilla sugar - 1 packet (15 g)
  5. milk - 400-500 g
  6. cashew nuts (other nuts) - 200-300 g

burfi Method of preparation:

burfi long been prepared from whole milk, which is cooked for a long time.Milk gradually becomes viscous and then turned to a solid mass.For the preparation of such burfi need a lot of milk and a lot of time, so we will use milk powder (if you can not find milk powder, it can be replaced with dry cream).

  • To start melt the butter in a pan and add the mass sahar.Tschatelno stir until it begins to bubble.Once this happens, put the sour cream.Carefully stir t
    o avoid lumps and clots.We bring the resulting mixture to foam condition and remove from heat.
  • Now pour the mass into a bowl for whipping.You can use a mixer, whip the processor or by hand.While whisking gradually introduce milk powder and vanilla sugar.
  • mass is necessary to whip up thick viscous state.If it is sufficiently liquid, add a little more milk powder.
  • The resulting mixture was spread into a mold (or platter) .Sverhu fall asleep cashew nuts, pressing them in mass fingertips.It may also be used almonds previously steeped in water for an hour or pumpkin seeds.

then send our creation in the refrigerator for 1 hour or in the freezer for 20 minutes.Removed, cut into cubes.

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Wonder sweetness ready!You can sprinkle it with sesame or coconut.

burfi - is a great way to impress friends and family!Despite the fact that the composition of the sweets are enough high-calorie foods, it is much better than store bought candy.This is a great vegetarian delicacy, which elevates mood.


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Beautifully inI did not burst freezes spoon))
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