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Hair dye Pallet (Palette): Color Picker & Reviews

known to many company Schwarzkopf & amp; Henkel has released not one hair dye.But Pallet (Palette), which is in the market for half a century, still holds a leading position , despite the ever-emerging new products.And indeed Paint Pallet (Palette) is not in place, offering us more and more shades.

colors hair dyes Pallet (Palette)

Hair dye Pallet (Palette)

choose an ink Pallet simple and difficult at the same time.It is difficult - because of the fact that the rich assortment lost: too many varieties of one color for the beginner.Simply - due to the fact that to satisfy your taste, it seems, maybe even the most demanding woman.Good or bad, but this brand offers the widest range of different series of hair dyes.

Each series has its own peculiarity.

  • example, Pallet (Palette) Glare color creates bright highlights on dyed locks.
  • have cream-paint series DELUXE - soft foundation with proteins of cashmere and pearls.
  • have 10 MIN.COLOR staining time has been reduced to as short as possible.
  • Firming series Pallet (Palette) Fitoliniya , created on the basis of useful marine collagen, takes good care of damaged hair, and retains excellent gloss healthy.
  • Pallet (Palette) XX I gives superstoyky effect.
  • products from the series Color & amp;Gloss enrich hair beneficial nutrients and makes them shine.

Hair dye Pallet (Palette): Color Picker Hair dye Pallet (Palette): Color Picker

absolutely all hair dyes of this brand promise is good, and even 100% gray coverage, intense bright color, exquisite luster, a soft gentle effect on the scalp .

The Palette paint a very low percentage of ammonia and a lot of useful substances (essential oils, vitamins, royal jelly), allowing to color your hair with minimal harm and parallel health-improving effect. Hair Dye Pallet (Palette) does not cause allergies and unpleasant burning , in addition, it features a nice sweet fruity flavor.

Not surprisingly, with such a variety of series and rich color palette .There are a lot of natural shades (from light to dark brown light brown), a variety of colors for blondes (cold and ashen hue, and warm), brightly colored variants (eggplant, plums, fiery red, warm ruby ​​red lights, pomegranate, rose hip)very rich black with the most popular - the coal-black.

Hair dye Pallet (Palette): Color Picker Hair dye Pallet (Palette): Color Picker & Reviews

Each separate series paints this company has a rich color palette .

Hair Dye Pallet: reviews

  • Palette attracts women to its high efficiency and good price .This paint is not the cheapest, but its price is quite affordable.
  • women customers Permanent ink Pallet (Palette) actively praised her high resistance (the level indicated on the package), shine, good care (especially those supplied masks) and rich color palette. said that select the desired shade is not difficult , if you faithfully follow all the data on the packaging guidelines .
  • One of the best ways to revive hair color and create a visual volume - it's always fashionable highlights.Women who try it do with Pallet, talking about getting the hair natural and at the same time expressive colors.And the most important thing is that, according to them, it is easy to do at home.
  • Some give advice use this paint intermittently , periodically replacing it with any other, then the hair will not dry and will break off at the ends.

Hair dye Pallet (Palette): reviews

  • wants to "try on" on your hair any fashion or bright shade without staining resistant fans are advised to paint palette tinting gels , which ensures rich colors and dazzling light.
  • lover of all kinds of paint stock will appreciate - such as inside the package you can find a brush for hair dye with an autograph of the singer, graduate of "American Idol" Sasha Savelevoj!
  • Not without criticism .Some complain of dandruff after staining, brittle hair, poor brushing roots of blondes.Some argue that they start tearing, others talk about unpleasant odors.
  • should be recognized that most of the negative reviews addressed specifically lightening shades Pallet (Palette).You should not really afraid of this: like all colors, this one has and fans (by the way, of the 45 countries in the world!) And opponents (they are difficult to count) - there's still a matter of taste and individual tolerance.

about hair dyes other manufacturers of hair care effektitvnom see the section Hair Care.

Trust or not this dye their hair - only the choice is yours.The only thing that can advise shoppers: if you decide to try a hair dye Palette, then buy it only in the salon or store, as a product that you are sure .After all counterfeits in our lives are not perfect.

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