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Reviews of Ceramic Knives

Ceramic knives are increasingly in demand not only for professionals but also for ordinary people. replaced by steel knives were looking for a long time, and has become the most promising material ceramic .

One of the first to experiment Bob Terzuola in the early 80s of the 20th century.The free sale of equipment arrived in 1985, they engaged in the production of the Japanese company Kuosera.

Reviews of Ceramic Knives

Pottery never corrode, and high hardness helps to maintain sharpness ten times longer than that of steel.

Ceramic knives at home

  • Knives come in black and white.Exterior color differences - a matter of taste, and the quality of the cooked food is not affected.Blades made of black zirconium carbide, and white - zirconium oxide.With zirconium got to make devices thinner and lighter and sharper blade.
  • ceramic blade hardness 2 takes place after the diamond .On the production spent a lot of money, because high-quality materials - is not cheap.Sales price of the ceramic is significantly higher than that of t
    he metal blades.In addition, the government has established a high toll on production due to the increased demand for this product.
  • Perhaps this might seem strange, but it has long been an established fact that the knives can affect the taste and benefits of prepared dishes, such as contact with metal is the destruction of certain vitamins in the diet.
  • Unlike steel knives, ceramic are fragile .They are not suitable for cutting frozen food and meat with bones, but they are simply created for cutting fruits and vegetables.
  • Try not to expose the unit falls and not used to crush garlic blade.
  • use ceramic knives in plastic or wooden boards.From cutting the glass or marble is abandoned, otherwise it will start to crumble.

Reviews of Ceramic Knives

  • In addition, do not use knives, something to unscrew, open crack.Wash the tools you need to manually, dishwashers can not be used , thus you insure them against damage.
  • For storage, use special supports or specially designated offices in the dryer.

Ceramic knives swiss home: reviews

produces ceramic knives brand swiss home in Germany.The company has been producing swiss home not only ceramics, but also dishes.Knives of this company have become very popular among Russians due affordability and good quality .

  • Among advantages isolated sharpness with prolonged use, included in the composition of vegetable slicers.The box that sold knives, perfect for storage during operation.Such a kit would be a wonderful gift for any holiday.As with any ceramic devices knife brand swiss home are not suitable for cutting solid foods too and bones.
  • They are very comfortable, rubber, and therefore slip in hand, bent handle .Kits can be purchased in two colors: white and black.

Reviews of Ceramic Knives

  • argued that the only negative white ceramic - is that it really can lose the white color after a few months of use, it can be painted red peppers and greens, so it's best to buy pottery in black.But it is very individual, so that 10% of consumers say that coloring has not occurred, and the difference in quality is absolutely absent.But black is much more expensive and considered to be more durable.

Ceramic knives bergner: reviews

Ceramic knives bergner brand made in Italy.Production is made of a ceramic material zirconia tetragonal manufacturers argue that the strength of their knives are second only to diamond.

  • reviews ceramic knives brand b ergner range from negative to completely full of enthusiastic .Feedback from customers, instruments are not very sharp tupyatsya.They experimented on cleaning potatoes, sliced ​​bread, vegetables and meat.Thanks to a smooth coating, the food is well behind the walls that can bring pleasure, even lazy.
  • Like the rest of the ceramic knives, the main drawback is the fragility.But they break off more from falling and hitting than by cutting food.

Reviews of Ceramic Knives

  • Price ceramic devices of the company begins from 1500 thousand. Rub.Sharpening them is very sharp, perfectly smooth slices are obtained.The biggest disadvantages of ceramics brand bergner occur only during operation: it fragility devices brittle and the tendency to tip blunting , but most encounters with this even after purchase.

Ceramic knives shinoda: reviews

  1. Produce ceramic knives shinoda in Hong Kong on Japanese technology.Distribution of the goods received for the stock in the store ATB (Ukraine), where typing a certain number of chips, you can buy a set with a 50% discount.On this joyous moments end.
  2. Such devices serve no more than two months, and then begin to break away bit by bit.As it turned out, sharpen ceramic knives should be no less than conventional steel.After breaking off pieces of them should be discarded, as cleaved pieces can enter the stomach.
  3. Many buyers have put this company below the average estimate of , and the descriptions in the advertisement about the reliability and efficiency of ceramic knives shinoda do not match any price or realities.

Reviews of Ceramic Knives

when it takes a rather big amount of ceramics, hoping that now the kitchen cutting products is not exactly the problems arise.But no!And gradually have to return to the kitchen steel knives.

This is the most basic thing you can say about the features of the use of ceramic products.Certainly, main advantage of these knives is the ability to maintain the sharpness of the blade for a long period. Since reliable zirconia ceramics keeps sharpness longer than mild, forged steel.

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These knives will not be ideal for permanent use in the kitchen .It is recommended to limit the application of ceramic instruments for cutting vegetables and fruits to maintain their maximum benefit.If you do this enough, then ceramic knives - just for you!

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