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How to clean mussels?

In cooking mussels deservedly are delicious, gourmet and unusual dishes.But in order to enjoy them, you need to learn how to clean them. Media important to clean the debris and sand, to sort, to separate and discard spoiled.

beneficial properties of mussels

mussel meat applies to high-quality protein, rich in phosphatides, positively affecting the functioning of the liver.In their structure they found polyunsaturated fatty acids contributes to the operation of the brain and visual acuity, a plurality of trace elements and vitamins.

The beneficial properties of mussels

addition, mussels belong to the strongest antioxidants.Eating mussels regularly reduces the risk of cancer, the occurrence of arthritis and strengthens the immune system.Very nutritious bivalve mussels.They help increase overall body tone, improve metabolism and blood, but also has many medicinal properties and helps fight obesity.

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How to properly clean the frozen mussels?

  • To cook a tasty meal, store frozen mussels in the freeze
    r until the date that is indicated on the packaging.Before you cook them, you need to unfreeze the mussels.To do this quickly, put the frozen mussels in cold water and press down load that will protect them from premature opening.When they are unfrozen, they need to be cooked quickly.
  • Some people think that it is not necessary to clean the mussels, but it is not.This is necessary due to the fact that the shellfish are passed through a plurality of substances and the sand to be removed.Before you start to clean the mussels, it is necessary to check not revealed whether they .In the case where the shell mussels disclosed, it is better to throw away.

How to clean the frozen mussels?

  • After careful selection, place the mussels in a pot with cold water for an hour.Add the water, cornmeal.So you can clean the mussels from the sand that did not have time to go outside, stay there before freezing.
  • Aside aside the mussels with a mustache, and then clean them.To do this with your fingers or a pair of pliers, pull the antennae to the base of the shell.Then, they can be discarded because they are not needed.After that, clean the shell from adhering to it mud and sand.This will help stiff brush.
  • When you thoroughly clean clams, place them in hot water and cook until full disclosure at high temperature.In water, add a little white wine or fish broth to cooked mussels better.This process usually takes 10 minutes.At this time, shake the pan slightly to evenly warmed mussels.Those mussels that open, serve immediately, and those that did not open - discard.

How to clean fresh mussels?

  • you need running, fresh and cold water, a towel, a brush for dishes, two bowls and, of course, the mussels themselves.Fresh mussels is very important to prepare the same day, when they were purchased.If you currently do not want to cook, then remove it in a bowl, place a damp cloth on top and put in the fridge.But the earlier you prepare them, the tastier they will receive.

How to clean fresh mussels?

  • Before the preparation Select and drop the mussels with open wings, chips and other damage.If flaps parted slightly, then click on the mussel, live immediately closed, it is suitable for cooking.Take a deep bowl, pour the cold water, and put the mussels.This will filter sand.
  • Equip workspace next to the sink, make a second bowl of water, vessel and brush skimmer.After 20 minutes the mussels reach for a slotted spoon.Wrap mussels towel and pull it away from the mussels.If you pull in, mussels can be damaged.With a brush, clean the shell of debris.Processed mussels put in clean water.
  • from prolonged heat treatment mussel meat becomes tender.After 5 min.the meat is flavorful, but after 20 minutes.- Tougher.
  • Try to acquire mussels in stores that monitor the quality of products as well as mussels tend to pass through a surrounding water, and it is, unfortunately, not always very clean and the absence of harmful substances.

What cook mussels?

What cook mussels?

  1. The easiest way to cook mussels is their frying in a pan with water and a glass of white wine.But liquid should not be covering them completely, mussels should be prepared for a couple.After 5 min.they will be ready, and those mussels that have not opened, should be discarded.
  2. If the mussels in shells scheduled to file on the table should be pieces of lemon and a cup of clean water, you can still prepare the paper towels or wet wipes.For mussels, as well as other seafood, served dry white wine or light beer.

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How to properly clean the mussels ready?

very important to be able to brush to the table ready mussels in shells.Or they may be fed as a separate dish, or as an ingredient for the first course.As such, the shells of mussels usually parted.To clean them, you will need special cutlery: oyster fork and tongs .If the menu appear mussels, such devices served table.

How to properly clean the mussels ready?

Using tweezers, which should be in the left hand, mussel clamped on a plate.After that you need to take a fork and remove the meat from the shell.More, you can use as a spoon and open sash.Once the mussel meat is removed, it pours sauce.Purified shell formed on the special plate.The most important thing during this process - we must act very carefully, to avoid splashing or ingress of clam juice to the neighbor.

If you want to enjoy this wonderful dish is cooked mussels, teach them to brush .And then will not only add to your diet a new dish, but feel all its useful properties.

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