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How to make clarified butter at home?

Most people are aware of the value and benefit ghee .However, the product that we offer to buy at the store, it is often of poor quality, and sometimes it is an outright fake.

In order to reduce the cost of the production process ghee unscrupulous manufacturers embarks on various tricks - adds to the production of plant components boiling at peretaplivanii or even using a low-quality starting material.Therefore it is best to make ghee by .

benefits of home heating oil

  • Ghee can be used for medicinal purposes.For example, when drying of the mucous membranes of the nose, you can use melted butter and get rid of this problem.

How to make clarified butter at home?

  • Can it be used for cosmetic purposes.Adding masks and lotions for washing.It is possible to apply and clean product - it is perfectly absorbed into the skin, it penetrates into the deeper layers, and clears them of various contaminants and toxins.
  • Ghee perfectly strengthens immunity in the case, if you take it in food regularly.With it you can easily cope with a variety
    of inflammatory processes of the body.
  • for metabolic disorders and all sorts of digestive ghee is able to provide invaluable assistance.
  • Ghee in the preparation of food is much better and more useful than the vegetable.Firstly, the products made thereon are obtained much tastier.And, secondly, in the event that use vegetable oil instead of ghee, very soon you will feel that they have become much more energetic.

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How to choose butter ghee for cooking?

Indeed, the most important thing - it is to choose a good starting material, ie raw materials.In this case - is butter.

How to choose the melted butter for?

course, good butter simply can not be quite cheap.Therefore, immediately discard cheap wedges of cream product.

choosing a starting material, remember, there is no good oil odor (including nice), it has no unpleasant aftertaste.

good butter Consistency soft, but granular.

Choose the wrong product, the percentage of fat in which at least 82%.Experts claim that a cream product with a lower percentage of fat is not a true product, it contains additives, sometimes very bad.

In addition, if you are good, melt the butter, you will not find large amounts of sediment.If it is poor quality - sediment will be great.

Ghee: recipe

To make ghee You will need a pot with a thick bottom (can be replaced by a pan) with a slotted spoon and container where you will pour the finished product.

  • butter cut into small pieces, put in a saucepan and set over medium heat.Wait until it is melted and bring it to a boil.

How to make clarified butter at home?

  • As soon as melted butter will foam, do the minimum fire and foam gently remove with a slotted spoon.Very closely to ensure that nothing is burnt.Otherwise, oil will become an unpleasant taste and the product will have to be discarded.In no case do not cover the pan with a lid!
  • over very low heat until the oil we heat until it obtains a bright golden color and clear.The aroma of the finished product - a pleasant, nutty.

How do I know how much ghee happens in the end, and how long it needs to be to drown?

  • If you have 1 kg of butter, it should sink for 1 hour, and you get 800 grams of melted.
  • If you have 2.5 kg of butter, it will be necessary to heat for 3 h, and the output will 2.2kg melted.
  • In case you have decided to melt down 5 kg of butter, it should overheat for 5 hours, and you'll get 4.6 kg of ghee.

How to make clarified butter in the oven?

You may want to simplify the process of melted butter and butter melt down in the oven.

How to make clarified butter at home?

  1. To do this, take 1 kg of butter, cut it into 10 roughly equal parts.Put in a pot with thick walls, making sure that from him to the top of the pot was at least 8 cm. Preheat oven to 150 degrees.
  2. not cover pan with a lid and put it in the oven for 1.5-2 hours.During the process oil peretaplivaniya it should not be stirred.After this time, remove the pan from the oven and strain through cheesecloth ghee, folded in four.Then, pour the product in a prepared container, cover and store in a refrigerator.

Cooked with their hands ghee is very useful and tasty!It can cook anything.They can easily be replaced by vegetable oil.Just try to cook fried chicken and potatoes fried in ghee!In addition, the product can be added to baked goods and desserts, and there you will be able to truly appreciate all the flavor and benefits!

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