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How to clean the butt?

Flounder - delicate fish with white meat, taste is appreciated by many.However, in spite of its taste, it is not easy to carve, because of this, some refuse from its preparation.And I must say, very vain, as flounder is very useful and is distinguished by its low-calorie properties - it contains only 3% fat.Therefore, it may be safely there, even those who are on a diet.

100 g flounder contains about 83 calories.It is also rich in vitamins - A, E and B, riboflabinom, nicotinic and pantothenic acid, thiamine, and pyridoxine.Another important quality of this fish - is its high properties as an aphrodisiac.If we talk about the presence of minerals in the butt, then it is present in abundance.The fish contains a salt of phosphorus, making our bones, teeth, hair and nails become strong and healthy, omega-3, which is a good prevention of cancer and help to get rid of bronchitis, iodine, thyroid disease cures, and amino acids that help lower thecholesterol.

How to clean the butt?

How to unfreeze flounder?

  1. before cleaning butt, it is necessary to subject it to defrost.Someone may say that there is to be able to, put the fish on a certain number of hours and went about their business.In this case, the fish, of course, thawed, but goes along with it, and a certain amount of nutrients.It is therefore very important to take care that the fish was the most useful.
  2. frozen flounder should be placed in a container of cold water and a little salt the. Sol provides minimal damage minerals in the butt, and thawing them lost up to 10%.1 kg flounder should take about 2-3 liters of water and 10-15 g of salt on the eye.Why fish is thawed in cold water?This is due to the fact that the warm and hot water is the destruction of proteins in muscle tissue port is greater than the percentage of muscle juice, the top layers are meat and dryablovatymi appear stale smell of fish.
  3. But if you have purchased frozen flounder fillets , cutting is carried out before freezing, it is better to thaw the fish out of water at room temperature. Generally, it is best to buy the whole fish as fillets in a too great loss of nutrients.Whole fish, of course, have yet to carve, but if you learn to do it right, you will eventually get a more valuable and nutritious meal.Defrosted fish should not be subjected to intense external processing - pinch or tap.The main task - is to prevent the loss of healthy juices.

How to unfreeze flounder?

How to cut flounder fillets?

  • If you want to just fish fillets, it is best to buy a ready-made fish and butcher it.The main thing - to choose fish more.Everything is simple: the more fish, the more it will be meat and the easier it is to carve it.
  • Take flounder and wash the carcass with cool water.Put it on the table and start cutting.Take a small well-sharpened knife with a sharp tip and the carcass exactly in the middle, along the marked line to make a cut seed.It's easy, you will immediately feel the hardness.The main cut with a sharp knife.Just be careful in the viscera, as they are close to the ridge, and they can be hurt as a result, they rastekutsya of fish and meat will get a bitter taste.
  • Then, starting from the first cut perpendicular to it, make a second incision just behind the belly flounder.The cut should be made with caution, although there is difficult to hurt the intestine, but some part may be under cut.
  • now incise the meat and the skin of the lower fin.This should not perpendicular, as before, and along the fin.Thus, the first piece of fillet prepared for removal.Trim it, starting from the middle of the meat, guiding the knife into the flesh, and leading him to pieces.It is not difficult.

How to cut the flounder fillets?

  • with the removal of a piece of the skin should be cleaned.This should be done as follows: Put fillet scaled down and the narrow side begin to cut the flesh, tightly clutching the knife to the skin, if you scrape the meat.Just do the same operation with the second, more voluminous piece of fillet.From the back of the knife driving fin, make a big incision and separating the meat from the bone, separate the flesh.Separate pelt in the same manner as in the first piece.
  • Turn the fish and just as well done to the second round.With this method of cutting a fish carcass flesh removed almost immediately and do not need to bother with cleaning, evisceration and cutting fins.Maybe this way a little bit longer than usual, but it's worth it.Before cooking the fillet can be no way to process enough to drip into the pan a few drops of vegetable oil.

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How to clean the butt?

If You do not get the fish fillets, you can use the other faster and easier.So, you've bought fresh and frozen unskinned carcass, they should now be clean.

  • first cut fish head.A small trick: head from the body should be separated by putting up light side flounder , so it will be easily visible with the internals of the dark side that must be removed.So, cut off the head, remove the entrails of flounder, which is a little and wash the fish.Then put it on a cutting board, cut on two sides and tail fins.

How to clean the butt?

  • Well, fish is almost ready.Now you can gently scrape with a knife flounder on both sides, cutting, and scraping scales spikes from the surface of the fish. skin can be removed at will, but it is believed that it gives an unpleasant smell during cooking , so it is best to remove it.If carcass frozen, then do it there is no trouble, and if the fish is fresh, it will have to act a little bit neater.The tail and fins are cut off and then gently pry the knife across the surface of the skin of fish and forcibly send the opposite direction of the cut and up, pulling the pelt.

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That's all the fish is ready for use.Now it is possible to boil, put out, but the best taste flounder has fried!

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