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How to wash Burnt pan?

Mistress in the kitchen think not only about how tasty and healthy to feed the whole family, but also face the problem of cleaning.Cleaning the kitchen includes slightly more than cleaning in the bedroom or in the living room.Here, in addition to the dust on the shelves and trash on the floor, it accumulates in the sink dirty dishes.

If pan burns after every cooking, it does not mean that you are a bad hostess.Maybe, just replace it with another, better?But sometimes, even with high-quality dishes in the cooking pot can significantly contaminated and wash it in the usual way, using the usual means for washing dishes, it is very difficult.

Today there are many ways to clean dishes from the remnants of burnt food.This is not surprising, because mankind has for centuries preparing a meal with dishes and fire.

How to wash Burnt pan?

How Burnt pan wash detergent?

One of the simplest and effective methods .Fill the inside of the burnt pan with a little water and dissolve it in your usual detergent for dishes . Let stand up as much as you can wait (overnight or a day or even a few hours).During this time, you can do any other chores, and then proceed to the washing and burnt "by otkisshey nagorevshego" pan.Believe me, wash it will not make you easy.To do this, use stiff brush.You can try rubbing and firm side sponge for washing dishes.

For greater efficiency, or for lack of time, you can do the following.Also, as described above, the Burnt pan pour a little water with dissolved detergent.But rather than leave it on long enough to otkisaniya, including gas stove and put the pot on the fire.Bring water with dissolved detergent to a boil.Cool.Now wash the Burnt pan, even easier than in the first case.Burnt food simply falls away from the surface of the dish, effort on your part requires a little.

How to clean burnt pot soda?

If burnt remains of food is very strong, then try another method.Fill the inside of the pan sufficient quantity of baking soda.Sypte generous, do not regret!But do not overdo it, do not spend in vain to the product.Now add a little water in a saucepan.Soda should be moist, do not overdo it with water!At that your actions are over, and now you must act soda.To do this, leave the dishes in the sink for several hours (preferably overnight).

How to wash Burnt pan

morning to clean corroded soda wet layer of food.If necessary, repeat the process of falling asleep soda, but not for such a long time.Once you rid yourself of the burnt food, rinse the pan with running water.

How to wash Burnt pan: Grandma's recipes

These cleaning methods burnt dishes evolved over the centuries and to develop people through trial and error, through long-term observation.

  • effectively remove the remnants of burnt food, you can use a hot solution of soda ash.On 1 liter of water is enough for this 25 g of soda.Cool slightly and rub the bottom of the dish rigid sponge.Then rinse the pan with running water and towel dry.Pan as if does not stick!
  • Wash aluminum pans from the remains of burnt food, you can use water with a few drops of ammonia.The dish surface is not damaged, is washed with burnt food effortlessly.
  • well washed Burnt pan, if you put it otkisat, generously sprinkled with salt bottom.Several hours later, the salt will corrode the burnt remains of food, and wash pots will not cause you problems.
  • fresh, not stagnant baked-aluminum pot can be washed, wiped remnants of burnt food in it with a piece of fresh green sour apple.
  • to aluminum cookware is good and the next grandmother's advice: Boil water in a pan with burnt onions.Then it is easy to be washed from the remnants of food.

How to wash Burnt pan: Grandma

  • Badly burned on the pan can be washed in a simple way.Just fill it with plain water, put on fire and boil for 1-2 hours.

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Thus, no matter what happens in your kitchen while cooking, wash the Burnt pan is very easy.Much or little you have time enough recipes, so choose the most suitable for you.

Grandma's recipes laundering remnants of burnt food has always been known for its efficiency, ease of use and low cost, so if the pan during cooking, for whatever reasons, burnt - do not worry.Now you know many ways to resolve this unpleasant, but familiar to all, without exception, housewives problem.

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