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How to clean a coconut?

Coconut - a fat nut .But in contrast to most plants, it bases its fat - is a saturated fatty acid (such as butter and in meat).

For years, doctors mistakenly thought that coconuts harm of blood vessels.But it is not.Coconut not only clogs the vessels cholesterol, but on the contrary, successfully fighting this.

How to clean a coconut

Useful than a coconut?

  • coconut flesh is perfectly athletes seeking vegetarian substitute products of animal origin. This is something that concerns unique to fat ingestion.
  • great importance attached to coconut oil in the cosmetics industry .Therefore, if you are not a lazy person, even at home from grated coconut can easily make a very useful natural facial masks.The beneficial properties of coconut oil, see the article Use coconut oil.
  • Coconut, like other nuts, contain a lot of calcium, but plus everything he also allows the body to absorb calcium from other foods. In most countries, dentists prescribe add coconut diet to strengthen teeth and bones.
  • coconut also contains magnesi
    um, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins C and E. What is particularly valuable, coconuts have a high-quality fiber, which makes digestion coconut occupation simple , unlike other nuts, digestible with great difficulty.

Use coconut

  • In order to show you the delicious nut, you can safely eat it with a bar of chocolate or honey.Chopped coconut meat can be stored in the freezer, after its well-sprinkled with coconut milk.Also, coconut pulp well with chicken meat and fish.The dried coconut can be used as a decoration for a variety of pastries.

more about the benefits of coconut read stand Useful than a coconut?

How to choose a coconut?

  • Arriving at the supermarket, try to choose walnut larger , because you give money, in the end, not the weight of the coconut, and for the number of pieces.
  • Try not to buy the fuck up coconut.Although coconuts can be stored for a long time, around ever comes a limit, and the nut can easily deteriorate.Understand that you have selected the fuck up coconut easy - instead of his snow-white flesh is brownish, or rather, to appear some white foci dark decay.

How to split open a coconut and at home?

  • To choose a fresh nut, shake it well.You should clearly hear the splashing inside juice .It must seem very much.If there is no sound transfusion juice - be sure it is guaranteed to be a spoiled Coco.
  • Carefully inspect the base of selected coconut , where you will find three little dark holes.They must be intact and in no case should not smell of rot.Be sure to check for cracks coconut.They should not be absolutely.

How to split and break a coconut?

  • Coconuts are not so small, their shell is very hard and durable. How to split a coconut , to enjoy its delicious juice, pulp and get this heavenly pleasure?
  • If you have purchased in the supermarket a coconut, you can split it at home.Saw it does not need, but a screwdriver and a hammer, you will need.

How to split open a coconut and at home?

  • good wash nut.And then turn on your oven and wait until it has warmed up to 200 degrees.Carefully read your coconut - at the upper end of the nut you are, certainly, find three points .For each side, all of them regular screwdriver, corkscrew, knife or ice pick, then force the hand at this point, try to push the hole.Usually the easiest pressed point located closest to the pole.

How to split open a coconut and at home?

  • If so you could not push through the hole, then each side, to his screwdriver and tap lightly on top of a hammer, then your coconut accurately pierce .Through a hole appears and you have to pour a bowl of delicious coconut milk, and can insert a tube to a cocktail and drink right through it.

How to split open a coconut and at home?

  • Then, holding a coconut in his hand and putting it on any solid surface (countertop is useful to put a folded several times a towel), tap the nut with a hammer in the middle of the field from all directions, all the time, turn your nutsto the very long as it will not break you in half. halves of coconut, place on prepared baking sheet in the oven about 15 minutes, and you can in the microwave, it helps you to facilitate further separation tasty flesh peeled .Pulp recommend scraping with a spoon or remove any fat with a knife, cutting the coconut to the respective portions.

How to clean a coconut

nothing complicated to split the coconut home alone , if you know these little tricks.

Afford coconut delicacy can be anyone - not so expensive, and this nut.If you decide to surprise your guests delicious nut, then take care of him cutting in advance, so as not to spoil the impression of an unusual dessert.

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