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Ceramic pan: reviews

How important to have a frying pan in the kitchen, the food would be that does not burn, but still be easily washed.Frying pan with ceramic coating precisely meets the requirements sovremennoyhozyayki.

pan with ceramic coating is often simply referred to as a ceramic pan .But this is not quite true.After all, this thing is not made entirely of ceramic.In most cases, these pans are made of aluminum, and the inner and outer cover is made of ceramics.Due to the aluminum pans lungs.The advantage of the ceramic coating - neytralizatsiyanegativnyh svoystvalyuminiya, giving strength.

Ceramic frying pan: the pros

Ceramic pan: pros

  • Pottery, firstly, a very good one for high temperatures.It is capable of quickly and evenly heated. handle the pan is not heated, so the need to use pot holders or towels disappears by itself.
  • Second, the ceramic surface is resistant krazlichnogo kind of damage, scratches, etc.
  • Third, the frying pan with ceramic coating has a long service life.She wear resistant and very easy to clean.
  • ceramic non-stick coating.Therefore clean pan so wonderful.Suffice it to rinse and wipe with a towel.Clean baked-on food do not need, it's very easy!
  • Ceramic pans are environmentally friendly invention. Pokrytiene contain harmful substances, because it is made of environmentally friendly, natural ingredients.
  • The advantages of the ceramic coating of the pan is the fact that on the market of goods pans bright (red, yellow, green).All this is due to the fact that the ceramic coating can be painted in any color.
  • you need less oil when you cook on a ceramic pan.Only here to cook completely without oil it is impossible!

Frying pan with ceramic coating: advice on using

Frying pan with ceramic coating: Operating tips

  1. purchasing pan, wash it thoroughly with warm water and soap.Then wipe it with dry soft cloth.
  2. Be sure to read the instructions for use of the pan to make it serve you as long as possible.
  3. Ceramic pan does not tolerate abrupt temperature drop.Therefore, to avoid breakage, thaw frozen food and heat it slightly, pulling out of the refrigerator for some time before cooking. Do not place on a hot pan cold ingredients!
  4. frying pan without food does not keep long in the fire!
  5. gas flame should not "lick" the sides of the pan!
  6. After cooking, wash the dishes under running water and wipe dry with a soft towel.
  7. In no case do not use abrasive sponges for washing, abrasive cleaners or agents containing alkaline or acidic!

Frying pan with ceramic coating: reviews

  • Karina, 23 years old: In pokupkuskovorody ceramic coated pushed my girlfriend.And you know, I have not regretted!Our first acquaintance consisted in making pancakes.I decided to check out a frying pan and fry them without oil.Terrific!Now this is my favorite frying pan in the kitchen.I will order the husband is still the same on his birthday.

Ceramic pan: reviews

  • Light, 22 years old: Very nice was surprised gift.It is possible to save oil, cook virtually without him.And perfectly clean because little spoiled and does not stick!
  • Oksana, 31 years old: I threw out all the old pans since the husband gave me a set of ceramic tableware. Frying pan with ceramic coating is easy to use. Its easy to clean, and the food does not stick!
  • Julia, 24 years old: Everything is prepared quickly and without problems!I advise everyone to have in the kitchen ceramic scorodite.It is easy to use: cooking nice and do not have to wash almost.Rubbed with a cloth and everything can be left until the next time.
  • Tatiana, 47 years: Frying pan with ceramic coating is simply amazing!No burnt food! Although it was necessary to spend money on such a miracle-pan, but it is now my biggest helper in the kitchen!

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