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How to remove limescale from the kettle?

The use of the electric kettle on the inner side of the scale is formed, which may cause damage to the kettle.To this did not happen, need to remove scale from electric kettles .Descaling prolongs the life of the kettle, improves the taste of tea and coffee.

Scale - this plaque from the salts, minerals, metal particles contained in the water.Depending on the quality of water in the kettle will be faster or slower to form scum. Remove scum on the teapot can be tools of the chemical industry, or folk remedies .

How to Clean elektrochaynikas scale with the help of vinegar?

How to remove limescale from the kettle?

  1. Clear kettle from scale, you can use vinegar .
  2. Fill the kettle vinegar and water (1: 1).Turn on the kettle and boil-drenched blend.When the mixture has cooled, it can be drained.After a thorough wash and rinse kettle.From the scale will be over!
  3. Fill the kettle and pour the vinegar 1 tbspsoda.Do not worry, when the liquid begins to hiss - this is normal.When the liquid ceases to sizzle, turn kettle and boil the liquid.Such
    a process not only removes the scale from the kettle, but also relieves it from rusty plaque.
  4. vinegar can be used in pure form, but it can only be done in steel kettles, asfrom pure vinegar plastic spoils.
  5. Using vinegar can clean the scale with a kettle without the use of chemical products .The main thing - do not start the process, and at least once a week, clean the kettle from scale.

Descaling the kettle folk remedies

  • Pour into kettle 50 g of citric acid and pour water.Do not allow the liquid to the boil in the kettle, remove the kettle from the soles of the heating and leave the kettle overnight.In the morning, wash the kettle.
  • Fill the kettle apple peel, fill the kettle with water and bring to a boil several times (boil - cool, boil - cool and so a few times).After remove the kettle from the apple peel, pour water and rinse the kettle with a sponge for dishes.
  • Fill the kettle and boil sour milk.Leave the kettle with sour milk for 2-3 hours.Then rinse the kettle.

How to remove limescale from the kettle?

  • Remove scale from the kettle, you can use the sprite, cola or Pepsi.Pour one of these drinks in the kettle, boil it, cool and clean.
  • Fill the kettle tomato or cucumber pickle and boil.Brine is suitable only canned vegetables, rolled iron lid.
  • for descaling kettle can be cleaned soda.To clean, use a sponge soda, just do not use metal brushes - they can damage the surface. Soda not only remove plaque from the kettle, and disinfect it.

How to get rid of the scale using a potato?

If used soda with potato peelings, it is several times enhance the effect.It is totally safe for health method, proven for years.To remove scale from electric kettles, observe the following algorithm:

  • Wash potato peelings.
  • Finely chop clean.
  • Fold chopped cleaning electric.Cleaning must fill out the full scope of the kettle.
  • Pour into kettle of water so that it covers the potato peelings.
  • Add 2 tablespoonssoda.
  • Turn kettle and let it boil.

How to get rid of the scale using a potato?

  • After boiling, drain the water from the purification and tea rinse under running water.Using clean sponge surface wall of the kettle.Rinse.
  • Pour clean water in the kettle and boil it again.Repeat at least 3 times, so that the water did not have a taste of soda and starch.

Electric cleared of plaque!

Chemicals descaling

To remove scale, can use special chemicals , which are produced for electric kettles.Are such means cheap, but their effect is stunning.

If you decide to get rid of the scale in the kettle by chemical means, it is necessary to comply with the instructions contained in the package.After using chemicals must-electric wash a few times.

Remove scale from the kettle is easy - the main thing to do it regularly, to tea is not broken prematurely. most important measure to prevent the formation of scale - the use of filtered water , so buy a multi-stage filter, and the process of cleansing the kettle from scale will be easier.

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