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As well as cooking the beets?

All housewife knows that beets cooked long enough and the question "What is cooked beets?" Is no exact answer, because the beet cooking time depends on the size of the vegetable.If large beets, and accordingly it will take longer to cook.

How to cook beetroot?

If you decide to cook beets, remember: boil the root should be separate from the other, as a beet has a strong coloring properties.

As well as cooking the beets?

  • Choose beets cooking must be of medium size , root color should be dark red.
  • If you can determine the thickness of the skin, you should know that it should be fine.
  • Please wash the root well, using a sponge for washing dishes. roots and the roots do not need to cut , because of this, in the process of cooking beets lose all their juice, and with it - useful properties and, in fact, the very taste.
  • Do not get too often to check the readiness of the vegetable.Welded beet soft when pierced her with a knife.
  • Brewed beets in unsalted water .The fact that the root has a bright sweet taste, and add salt can d
    amage it.If necessary, add salt already welded root.
  • Another important point when cooked beets - the water in the pan must be completely cover it.If in the process of cooking water begins to evaporate, then it can be easily refilled.

How much time is necessary to boil the beets?

Usually beet cooking process takes from 40 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the size of the vegetable).After this time, the pan with beets is necessary to remove from the heat and put in 10 minutes under cold water, and after that it is possible to remove the peel, which is very easy to come off.

As well as cooking the beets?

If you need to cook a great size beets , then after an hour of cooking pour over vegetables with cold water and once again put on the fire for 20 minutes.Then the beets need to be cooled with water again.

most delicious beet - young, elongated, has a dark red color.Moreover, this faster preparing beets. Boiled sveklusleduet stored in the refrigerator no more than two days , because on the third day she starts to let juice loses its taste and beneficial properties.

water that is boiled beets, or, as it is called - beet broth, you can not pour out, this is an excellent laxative and diuretic.Once the broth has a positive effect on the liver, cleaning it, and all harmful substances come naturally.

How to cook the beets in the microwave?

How to cook the beets in the microwave?

  1. Boil the beets can be not only in the usual way - by means of plates and pans, but with the help of the microwave.The process of the preparation of the vegetable takes much less time, but the end result will be worse than when cooked beets on a plate.
  2. to prepare beets in the microwave needed a microwave (the desired output device - 700-800 watts), Glassware for microwave ovens and, in fact, beets, you can also use special plastic bags for cooking.
  3. to start a vegetable wash with a sponge for washing dishes, then take an awl or dining fork and make it more in beet by piercing holes.Then place the beets on a plate or in a bag for cooking, pour water anywhere is not necessary!
  4. In the microwave set the timer for 10 minutes at 800 watts of power, if the power of your microwave is less then put the beets in the oven for a longer time.After this time the beets is ready for further cleaning and eating!

How to cook beets in Multivarki?

  • more beets can be cooked in Multivarki.The fastest way to use this type of technology in the cooking beets - cook beets steamed , this you will spend only 20-30 minutes.

How to cook the beets in Multivarki?

  • also cook the root using Multivarki can be in the "quenching" or in the "soup", but this is the longest processes. Multivarki mode, takes less time when cooking beets : ¬ęSteaming / Steamer", but remember that cooking beets should not be in the shopping parovareniya, and in the multivarochnoy pan.
  • For each of these modes of beet should be thoroughly cleaned, but in any case do not clean, and drop into the water.A very large root vegetable is best to cut.Cooking process may take 40 to 60 minutes, in the mode "Quenching" -3 hours.
  • addition to cooking the beets can be baked in Multivarki .To do this, select "Baking / Baking."Time it will take 60 to 80 minutes.

Beetroot - a very useful product, besides it has a bright taste.Cook it with joy!

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