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The substitute baking powder?

When cooking baking often housewives use baking powder.It is very easy to use and allows you to get a thick crust.Himself effect baking powder based on carbon dioxide emissions, which raises the dough .

Ready baking powder, or as it is called, baking powder , contains in its composition of basic and acidic salts, a special filler which allows them to interact only in contact with the dough.This compound salt contributes to carbon dioxide emissions, provides a wonderful after cooking pastries.

Baking powder

But sometimes the hand is not baking powder, and so want to bake a delicious cake or pie.Despite the fact that done at home baking powder can not be a classic, it can replace products which is in every house , just have to remember in what proportion they should be mixed and how to add.

The substitute baking powder in baking unleavened?

The composition of industrial baking powder includes baking soda, ammonium carbonate, rice flour and cream of tartar.These components are very hard to find in the kit

chen, but they can be replaced by products that have each family.

  • You will need: baking soda, citric acid, starch, powdered sugar or flour.To get home baking powder , you need to mix them in the following proportions: 2 hours. L.soda, 1 teaspoon. l.citric acid and 4.5 h. l.flour.
  • Another option ratio: 2 hours. L.filler (starch, flour or powder) for 2 hours. l.soda and 0.5 hours. l.citric acid.With proportions can experiment a little, but when using baking powder instead of the other components important thing is to not get soda in the batter quicklime, otherwise it will be felt not very pleasant taste.This usually occurs when it was very much added, and it is not entered completely reacted with the acid.

The substitute baking powder?

How to replace the baking powder?

  • products that you will use to replace the baking powder should be dry , otherwise in contact with water before the time start the reaction.
  • If you want to prepare a mixture of baking powder instead of the industrial reserve, it is best not to mix the ingredients and pour layers divided filler.For example, a layer of soda, flour, and then citric acid.This allows them to enter prematurely reacting with one another.
  • home-cooked baking powder in a tightly sealed container in dry and dark place.
  • Baking powder can be replaced only baking soda, if you are ingredients in the dough having acidic.These include vinegar, juices, dairy products, fruit purees, chocolate and honey.In this case, the amount of baking soda to better define the practice, but usually its volume must be less than 2 p., Than specified in the recipe for a classic baking powder.
  • Baking powder can be replaced, if the baking soda to extinguish vinegar or citric acid .Baking soda itself is not a good disintegrator, even if the test are foods which include the acid.Quenching the soda ensures that exactly the desired reaction will occur.

The substitute baking powder?

  • When preparing biscuit dough baking soda to extinguish the better, and in the preparation of sand - no .
  • When cooking at home, take dry baking powder jar, pour 1 ch. L.citric acid 6 h. l.flour and 2.5 hours. l.baking soda.All the mix, close the jar and shake it.This disintegrant may be immediately added to the dough or stored for several months in a dry and dark place, using as needed.

few tricks when replacing baking powder

  • When replacing the baking powder in the first place, it is necessary to pay attention to the recipe.If specified in the recipe that need to add one or two hours. L.tablespoons of baking powder, and you replaced it with baking soda, then take 0.5 hours. l.baking soda and sift together the flour.If the prescription indicated that the disintegrant is necessary to add at least 1 h. L., Add ¼ h. L.baking soda.
  • If you want to add chocolate cake, honey, molasses, cocoa powder, dairy products, lemon or orange, you can safely replace the baking powder just ordinary soda without extinguishing it.To make it easier to remember: 0,5 h. Liter.soda will react completely with 240 ml of yogurt, which will get sour and thick crust.
  • If the hand was no citric acid, you can use vinegar.To this 0.5 hour. L.soda extinguish in 1 tbsp.l.vinegar.
  • is believed that quenching soda is not necessary, since the reaction starts before the ash fall into the dough.The separated carbon dioxide required for the splendor of the test, in this case, will evaporate, and pastries fail.But in order to avoid such a scenario possible, it is best to quickly put out the soda and enter it into the mixture, then the reaction is required to pomp, will continue in the test.For a better reaction soda, which is capable of replacing a disintegrant is desirable that present in dough products with a strong acidic , for example, sour cream, yogurt, citrus, whey or buttermilk.

The substitute baking powder?

baking powder is often used in the preparation of pastries.It is very easy to use and allows you without any difficulties and unnecessary manipulation cook delicious fluffy dough.

baking powder can be replaced by such simple ingredients like baking soda, citric acid and flour , who definitely have each family in the kitchen.By following some of the subtleties of preparation of baking powder in the home, you can prepare an excellent pastries no worse than the one in which the classic baking powder added.

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