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The pyrolytic cleaning of the oven

problem cleaning ovens are concerned not only housewives but also the producers themselves ovens.That is why in some ovens have removable doors, sliding trolley and in the oven covered with various kinds of enamel.The most convenient of these devices is a self-cleaning function.

pyrolysis process - What is it?

If we translate the word "pyrolysis" from Latin, the work - the expansion, conversion, broth.The very way is very simple - the oven should be heated to a temperature of more than 480 C, and the dirt and grease burn and turn to ashes and then they just need to be removed.This method, for all its simplicity - very expensive, because the little plates can withstand such heat.

Pyrolysis - the process of cleaning the oven

oven, which has the function of pyrolysis, are made of high quality materials and the most modern and best technology , so they are very expensive.In addition, you should take a lot of measures to ensure the security of the device and for normal function of the pyrolysis.

ovens with pyrolysis function

material from which made the oven with pyrolytic cleaning function, applies the highest quality, otherwise the plate quickly fail.Also used qualitative insulation, so that the heating plates did not reach the critical temperature.

addition, used additional external cooling system , to avoid the risk of heating objects close to the stove.

Glass in such specialized ovens - hardened, thick that can withstand extreme temperatures.But despite this, the danger of getting burned during pyrolytic cleaning of the oven there is no cost Keep children at the time of starting the function of self-cleaning plate, and by the need to be more attentive.Handles plates during pyrolysis can also be heated up to 80 C.

The pyrolytic cleaning of the oven

Even in such ovens set feature that prevents a fire inside the oven and grease filter function , which ensures that the smoke and gases generated during combustion residuessauces, not leaked outside of the oven.Cover the inner walls of the plate called pyrolytic enamel, it does not change color and does not lose its properties.

process pyrolytic cleaning oven

During pyrolysis allocated a lot of smoke.To the air was clean, having first departure of smoke ventilation.On the back wall of the plate has a separate exit, where you can take the tube for smoke.But the usual drawing will not be enough.Some manufacturers embed special catalysts (e.g. - platinum) zharopogloschayuschie filters.The pyrolysis process occurs when the door lock plate, the lock is turned off when the temperature drops below 3500, so the locking mechanism of the oven is also selected high quality that does not deteriorate under such loads.Turn on the device after the pyrolytic cleaning can only be manually as automatic mechanism is not triggered.

the pyrolysis takes 90 to 150 minutes , most of which goes to heating and cooling plates.In some ovens have a special catalyst that controls the duration of the process. During pyrolysis spent a lot of electricity , and the apparatus for such purification process is very difficult, so it is best to use it in cases of severe pollution inside the oven.Before starting a pyrolytic cleaning of the oven it is necessary to remove from pans and baking guides and holders that they have not deteriorated.

Where can I find plates with pyrolytic cleaning of the oven?

pyrolytic cleaning of the oven is more common in embedded plates , than individual plates.In Russia, the suppliers of such boards are the companies Siemens, Electrolux, Ariston, Miele, Brandt and others., But do not forget that these boards are very expensive, so they are likely to purchase expensive for very wealthy people.

about what other systems are self-cleaning, read the article Catalytic cleaning ovens.

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