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Cake decoration at home

Man is difficult, and all that attracted his attention, must be beautiful.It so happened historically, we always prefer shopping Products.This is because of marketing and neuromarketing as a whole.Therefore, people tend to pay more for a variety of food products, perfumes or clothing, because of the brand, or imposed rules.

But every mother who works in the kitchen, day and night, wanting to feed your pet a great healthy food, do not want to hear: "Mom, I perekushu at McDonalds!".She dreams that her guests or home said, "Wonderful!As in the store, only better! ".This article will tell, both beautiful and unusual to decorate a cake at home!

cream cake decoration at home

It would seem that could be easier than to squeeze out a couple of multi-colored flowers on the surface of the cake?It is better if you show the imagination and it will not only flowers but also leaves, fruits, unopened flower buds of a bird.In short, even in the Garden of Eden birds fly, let them a treat fruit trees of paradise.

It's really to do at home.Just stock up on cream, better living, not preserved fruit and patience.To learn how to make cream, read the article Recipe cream cake decorating: 7 different options.

decorated cake with fruit, berries and nuts Nuts

- the perfect complement any cake. Even people who do not like nuts, whole-heartedly always eat a slice of cake with a smile and happily.Nuts - a universal agent.They may be located on a flat horizontal surface and the irregularities.For example, on the back of a hedgehog, the leaves of walnut in a basket or a basket made of biscuits.

can "draw" nuts any pictures.In this regard, nuts - kind of irreplaceable jewelry .It is always possible when an error carefully remove one nut and put another in his place, as with berries.With jam or cream painlessly this will not crank.

about different ways to decorate cakes fruit, read the article How to decorate a fruit cake ?.

cake decorating putty home

Mastic - beautiful decoration of any cake. With it you can create stunning images: flowers, people, equipment, clothes, animals, yes anything.Another thing that may be the first attempt fail.To try to decorate the cake with mastic, you need a little practice.And that means that if you make a cake in the solemn day, and in a hurry, it is better to choose a more traditional way of decorating.

The fact that such a sealant as her cook and how it can be used to decorate a cake, read the article of the mastic Cake: a master class.

decorated cake with the help of jelly

Jelly cakes always got very bright. When people see them, always want to try.

View appetizing fruit jelly in transparent - a real treat.In addition, these pastries are not very high in calories and heavy for digestion.After all, a certain portion of the product is made of jelly and fruit.

cake decorating cookies at home

liver obtained excellent cakes, houses or flat cakes. the cottage in snow in the winter and a gazebo in the colors of cream in the summer - it is beautiful, satisfying and neodnoobrazno.

Do not forget about the little cookies that may be completely different shapes and sizes.They always help the hostess if she show imagination.Small pets can stay in the zoo or in the meadow. Be creative - and get a masterpiece of culinary ideas.

decorated cake pancakes

Jeopardy!Roses, for example, obtained excellent pancakes.Surprise yourself and your loved ones.

decorated cake with fresh flowers

And it happens!There are, of course, they are not recommended, but it looks fine.Here's how to do it:

  1. Select fresh and strong colors, cut them and leave the leg 15-20 centimeters.
  2. Put flowers in the water and wait for about 3 hours, until the flowers will be filled with moisture.
  3. Then cut as you want it and attach to a small slice of cotton wool with water.
  4. Now wrap the foil food this is the place.These flowers can hold up to 3 days.

Confectionery processing of roses is quite simple: obmazhte flower mixture of protein and water, let dry, and apply a little powdered sugar.Then decorate your cake.

jam cake decoration at home

Never discount the jam.It can come to your aid when you create the sea or fields!

cake decorations glitter sparkles

Confectionery sold everywhere now.And they can be a great decoration of the cake as a whole and its individual elements.

Fresh flowers, for example, looked perfectly surrounded by a brilliant shine.They come in different colors and textures.

Dear hostess, as you can see, you have a varied choice. And do not forget about such seemingly trivial things to decorate cakes, chocolate, sweets, coconut and candle. candles, by the way, now do so beautiful that a single spark would be enough to surprise guests.

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and advice: Whatever you do, do it with love !Good luck!

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