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Leek storage.

Leeks - very valuable vegetable crop useful.People who love leeks, get sick less colds and viral diseases, they have a strong immune system.

Description leek

leek or onion pearl - a cultural herbaceous perennial.In today's backyards, gardens he cultivated as an annual or, in extreme cases, a two-year culture.

  • the first year leek forms a false bulb.It is obtained by proliferation of bases of the leaves.It is covered with a false light bulb 1-2mya dry gray scales.Between the base of the leaves are formed buds.When growing leeks in perennial crops such as buds form and vegetative shoots.
  • In the second year, leeks formed odnozubki.This sighting bulbs that grow from the base of the stems of the bulb.They continue to develop perennial.
  • leaves leek - lanceolate with a slight waxy coating.The width reaches up to 10 cm in length - 1 m.Positioning the sheet in the form of a fan.
  • Each plant has 12 leaves, which form a false stem.This stem is thickened, and it is eaten.
  • root system Luka- leeks well devel
    oped.Roots easily renewed, strong branches.
  • Flower Arrow leek straight, slightly ribbed.At the height it can reach 1.5 cm. It is formed only in the second year of life culture.
  • flowers are small, usually white or slightly pink.Have a pleasant smell.The flowers are collected in inflorescence - a ball-shaped umbrella.Before flowering flowers inflorescence covered in green "cover."After flowering, it withers and disappears.
  • Often inflorescence leeks form the bulb (air bulb).They can also be planted as seed.
  • The fruit is a capsule.In each of them is contained at 6 seed.Seeds black, small, triangular.Seed germination is maintained for 3 years.

Storage leek

Leek - a valuable vegetable crop.It contains a lot of vitamins and other nutrients.However, many gardeners, growing should offer their gardens and home gardens, do not know the basic rules of storage leeks.And it is well known.With improper storage makes it impossible to preserve nutrients culture.

Therefore, the first thing you need to consider before storage is harvest time. Bow -porey removed from the beds in early October, it can be in the middle of the month. The main thing to do it before snowfall.Although leeks are not afraid of the morning frost, snow will not go in his favor.

now time to harvest you need to store.Here, there are several ways.

Leek: ways to store

Frozen leek

  • necessary to dig a shovel onions, trim the roots and remove the top sheet.
  • Then good wash plant.Arrange onions on a clean cloth and leave it to dry.
  • When dries, chop leeks.
  • Then group the chopped leeks on plastic bags.Pack tightly and store in freezer.
  • At any time, the right amount of onions goes (so group the onion in small portions), and is added to all sorts of dishes.

Storage leek in a basement or cellar

This is a very practical way to store leeks.

  • Once you have dug out onions from the garden, shake off the ground with the roots.You can help himself with his hands to get rid of lumps of land, not necessarily strongly shake the plants.Put in this way the plants in a bucket.Now immerse the cellar or belong to the basement.
  • To onion is gone, and all the winter remained green prikopat it in a little bit wet sand.Leeks should be in an upright position.The roots of the onions must be covered with sand.

Leek storage in the garden

Some leave a smaller part of the leeks in the garden for the winter.After the winter, as soon as the snow melts, it can dig fresh.To facilitate the work (because frozen land) land spill hot water.

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That's all simple ways to store onions.You can use any of them.It would be better if some of leeks you prepare the first method - easy to use as a seasoning for many dishes, the second part - the preservation of fresh onion completely, the third part - enjoying taste dug leeks and a reminder of the imminent onset of the summer season.

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