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How to dry porcini mushrooms?

to prepare for winter mushrooms, not necessarily preserve them marinate.It is possible to dry them.But it must be done correctly, to know how to dry them.

Dried mushrooms made in the home in the fall, after hiking in the woods, freeing you from spending on the mushrooms in the winter.

Preparing mushrooms for drying

For drying, you must be absolutely sure that all the mushrooms collected in the forest are edible!It is best to dry the mushrooms together, each variety separately: chanterelle chanterelle, mushrooms with mushrooms, etc.Consider the process of drying ceps.

  • loop through the mushrooms thoroughly before drying.Remove damaged, old, rotten mushrooms.
  • Clean the porcini mushrooms thoroughly using a rag.From the washing water should be abandoned, as it would complicate the process of drying.Moreover, thus it decreases the quality of the dried mushrooms.After all, they first have to dry from the water.And while this will lose their flavor and color change (white mushrooms darken).
  • cleaned mushrooms are sorted and graded for quality and value.In ceps cut the lower part of the legs.
  • knife is necessary to take a non-metallic, or white mushrooms darken.Next
  • white mushrooms cut lengthwise into thin slices (no more than 1.5 cm. Thick).
  • Mushrooms ready for drying.Now we have to dry them.To do this, there is no one way.

Dry porcini mushrooms in open sunny

sliced ​​ready for dried porcini mushrooms strung with a needle on a thread.Hang them on an open balcony or on the street.

It is important that during the drying of mushrooms the weather was sunny.The cold and lack of sun - a poor indicator for drying.Some people

dried mushrooms on a cloth or paper.However, the night cold and wet, so the mushrooms have to enter at night in a dry warm room as soon as the sun goes down.Watch out also for the fact that the fabric was not wet so did not go suddenly rain.

this way dried mushrooms from one to two weeks.

Dry porcini mushrooms in the oven

very simple way.Prepared porcini mushrooms spread on a baking sheet and place in preheated oven 60-70 ° C.The oven door must be left ajar.

Dry porcini mushrooms over a hot stove

Prepare the mushrooms for drying in the air - are strung on a thread.Hang on a stove included.

drying ceps using Electric driers

There are special equipment for drying not only mushrooms but also fruit and vegetables.Such devices are very familiar vegetarians.Dry mushrooms in it is very convenient.This is done according to the instructions for use of the device.

's all the most common methods of drying white mushrooms at home. Choose to your taste!

It is only important not overdry and finally dried mushrooms to the desired state.It comes with experience.But if you fear that not dosushit mushrooms, simply hang them in a dry dark place, which also is well ventilated.Store mushrooms so long, it's time they will not be useful.

Another way to store mushrooms - in gauze bags.The room should also be well ventilated.It is advisable to also hang bags.

Remember also that dried mushrooms can absorb the pungent smell of food in the neighborhood (eg garlic).

Good luck to you in the procurement of dried porcini mushrooms and storage!

Especially for - Margo

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