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How to wash your hands of mushrooms?

Autumn - it is time to strengthen the collection of mushrooms in the forest.If you and your family - nature lovers, feel free to go into the forest, especially after rain!Mushrooms in the forest will be a lot.And how many of them you tasty ready!You do not have to buy the dubious mushrooms in the store!

However after perebiraniya mushrooms, processing, cleaning hands acquire an unpleasant shade of brown , as the plaque, which is strongly ingrained into the skin.

How to cope with this problem?Sometimes enough to wash your hands.Rubbing alcohol does not help either.What to do?Why

of fungi remain indelible marks on the hands?

fact is that mushrooms contain a pigment, something similar to human melanin.This is not just a colorant.And to wash it with ordinary water, soap, shampoo will not succeed.

work with different kinds of mushrooms brings trouble spots after them varying degrees.From some spots are easily washed mushrooms with lemon juice, on the other - spot does not seem to otmoesh. most caustic in this respect are boletus and mossiness .Mushrooms and chanterelles least disturb people brown spots on their hands after handling.From touching hats boletuses also remain brown stains on fingers, but not like from the oil.

How to wash your hands after handling mushrooms?

Most problems delivering boletus mushroom lovers.Juice of oil is very corrosive.And from him just need to immediately wash off.Otherwise, it will keep for a long time on your hands.

After working with boletus in any case do not wash your hands with soap and water! Many people make the mistake of thinking that the soap will wash brown stains from the juice of mushrooms. With boletus is the case in a way that secures the soap contrary result. That is due to the influence of soap solution, stains better absorbed into the skin cells and remain there for a long time.In the future they will have to tear off directly to the skin.

Wash hands after oil should immediately .But usually the water is of little help. Dip smeared hands in an acidic solution .This water may be acetic or water with the addition of citric acid. After some time plyonochku of oil on your hands, you can be removed using a cloth or a pumice texture tough .Suit and an old toothbrush.With its help you vyskrebete remnants "products" of oil from under the nails.

It is important not to miss a moment!Otherwise, it is not washed immediately after use with boletus hand, tomorrow will be felt more dark spots on the fingers, the nails, the skin.

If you are afraid that will not be washed good hands from oil, better use gloves .Because if the spots appeared the next day, nothing will help you as long as the spot is not descend from your hands naturally.

In the case of other fungi do that here:

  • Prepare soap solution .For this nastrogat thin struzhechkami soap in a container of warm water.Or just hold soap in the container.Traces of such a method is not completely remove.However, little pritusknit them.
  • Nail polish remover or a simple solvent will help you cope with some corrosive spots on the mushrooms.
  • Rub hands with pumice .Her pores ototrut brown spots on the hands and old skin cells.
  • Still, the processing of freshly picked mushrooms use gloves .So you will not get dirty!If work gloves uncomfortable, then wash your hands and clean the mushrooms, but do not forget the tips in this article.It is necessary to be careful with boletus, boletus and Mokhovikov.

While collecting mushrooms is best to wear old gloves unnecessary .So hands warmer and there will be traces of fungi.In the forest, hands otmoesh.

acidic solution and pumice - the most effective ways to remove stains from the mushrooms.Feel free to use them for yourself and consult other mushroom-lovers!

Especially for - Margo

August 3, 2013 12:08
Oh, and my mom is just about boletus without gloves, and of course with soap and washed her hands at once) now goes with black hands, no acid does not help .. Women should always wear gloves, even when my utensils to handleThey were gentle and beautiful.
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