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How dry the apples in the oven?

To please winter immunity useful compote of dried fruits, one must know how to properly dry the apples home.To do this, many housewives use an oven.

How to prepare apples for drying in the oven?

  • For drying use any acidic and sour-sweet apples.Be sure to loop them, check the absence of rot, worm-eaten, etc.Only healthy well-preserved fruits can be dried apples.
  • 10 kg of fresh apples you get a little more than 1 kg of dried.9 kg evaporate from the original weight of the product.This must be taken into account.
  • Before drying wash the apples well.If you purchased the apples, then wash pay more careful attention, because imported fruits are often treated with chemicals.You can clean the skin.So apples are dry faster.However, if the apples home, do not clean the skin, because it's the most collected nutrients the fetus!

  • Now cut the apple in half.Remove core with seeds.And cut the apples into slices, or slices of your choice.The main thing is that the thickness of slices or circles was small (no more
    than 1 cm) - it's more convenient and faster to dry them.
  • knife cutting apples necessarily take stainless steel.Indeed, in apples contain iron, which is already rapidly oxidized in air.The knife must be sharp to obtain flat slices.

How to dry the apples in the oven?

  • to cook apple slices are not oxidized, they blanch.Do it this way: lower the cut just slices of apples in hot water (not boiling!) For a few seconds.Alternatively, they can hold for 2-3 minutes in saline (1.5%).However, keep in mind that the second method apples lose some of their nutrients: acids and sugars, but these losses are insignificant.The second way is easier, because you can just cut the apples in a bowl of prepared solution.And while lowering them in hot water have to tinker and do it in portions, which is not very convenient.But anyway you choose.
  • When apples are cut and ready for drying, spread them on a baking sheet.Remember that iron trays should be avoided for the same reason, oxidation.Slices of apples lay in a single layer so that the entire surface of the pan is filled.

Drying apples in the oven consists of three phases :

  1. Apples podvyalivayut at 50 ° C.
  2. The bulk of the water is evaporated at 70 ° C.
  3. sterilization of apples at 80 ° C.

Each stage has its own drying temperature.

Drying apples in the oven takes a total of about 6 hours .And most of the time is spent on evaporation of the water from the apples.The first and third stage takes about the same time.The first stage - a kind of warm-up, ie,Preparation of apples to the process of evaporation of water directly to the drying.

Keep in mind that if you drastically increase the temperature at the beginning, then the apples covered with crust.This creates the risk that the water will not evaporate.Drying apples will not turn.

recommended not very densely cover the door at the beginning of drying.Then the oven ventilated, water evaporates in large quantities, and the apples do not burn and do not burn.

After evaporation of water in the sterilization stage is already possible to close the oven door tightly.Check the period of availability of apples themselves.Someone process takes 6 hours, and more.

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It is important to thoroughly dry the apples.Then they will continue throughout the winter and even for the next year (if there are many).

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