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How to dry prunes?

prunes in Russia appeared not so long ago.It became widespread only in the past century.But now, for many it has become a favorite product, and for a large number of people is necessary.Especially popular this becomes dried fruit in the winter.Probably, even if the drain learned to keep for a long time, prunes would have remained popular because of its unique taste and beneficial properties.

varieties of plums for prunes

Varieties of plums for prunes

In order to get a delicious prunes, raw materials for it, you must select the appropriate.Best plum varieties, called "Italian Hungarian."The fruits of this variety are large, have an oval shape, with a bluish color of bluish tint.This variety is excellent for drying because it has a dense skin and elastic flesh.Furthermore, in this draining little acid and enough sugar.Also, this variety are very fond of those plum preserves.This is due to the fact that such a plum pit is easily separated from the pulp.Therefore, it is convenient for handling required during preservation.

Italian Prune Also can be used for drying azhanskuyu Hungarian and Hungarian purple.In addition, the suit Ugorka, Burton and Raisins, Eric.

When cooking prunes must take into account that this requires you to select only the ripe fruit.It is in the highest concentration of fruit sugar and flavorings.Plums for prunes should be chosen from the earth, and not pluck from the branches.When the drain falls from the tree, it has reached optimum ripeness.Before picking a plum tree needs a bit trotted to fall damaged, rotten and worm-eaten fruit.The next morning you will have to select the appropriate ripe plum.

Preparing for the dried prunes

  • Preparation prunes - not so easy task as it seems at first glance.If you simply dried plums, prunes, you will not get out of it.If the berries just leave to dry, then it is likely to lose the juice will be very tight and peels it will acquire far black, but rather a brown hue.In order to get the tasty and healthy plums, berries must be prepared for drying.

Varieties of plums for prunes

  • Before the drying process starts, plum store in a covered area in the baskets.Each basket should not exceed sixteen kilograms of plums.Store berries should last no more than three days, otherwise thwarted fruit will begin the process of fermentation, and the fabric will disintegrate.Of course, before you start to dry plums, they must be thoroughly cleaned.Rinse the berries need as many times as necessary.When you wash the plums for the last time, you should see absolutely pure, clear water.
  • After you make sure that the fruit thoroughly washed, should be separated from each other by large and small plums, simply put, to sort them.Once you get over all the berries, all of them must be examined for the presence of unsuitable for drying plums.When you finish the process of inspection, plums must be washed again.But this training is not over yet.Now you need to blanch the fruit.This means that plums must be heat treated (i.e., treated with hot water).This treatment will help to make the fabric softer berries, forcing air out of the fruit and increase in the size of its cells.Moreover, lowering the water fruit promotes destruction of oxidative enzymes.The mineral substances during blanching only slightly loses ascorbic acid.The number of all the other important elements remained virtually unchanged.However, the processing of plain water a little.
  • In order to remove the wax layer from the surface of fruit (especially in its many Prune) must still apply and alkali treatment.For these purposes fit kauticheskoy boiling solution of soda (one percent).Being in its grapes have for fifteen - twenty seconds.However, it should be noted that in the home, you can not completely wash the berries after treatment.Therefore, the house used kauticheskuyu soda is not recommended.Instead, use potash.After the alkali treatment, plums must be cooled.

Varieties of plums for prunes

  • Once the berries will be all kinds of processing and cooling of the skin should be covered with a grid of fine cracks.The appearance of these cracks on drying will facilitate the allocation of water through them.Without these cracks the skin berries burst, as a result, all at once spilled juice, prunes and we can not get.However, all the preparations will not be enough if you do not abide by the rules of drying.

How dried prunes?

Normally, drying is quite a simple process.However, in the case of prunes, that's not the case.Nowadays, drying fruit can occur either in multi cabinets or channel dryers.Drying drain differs by drying, for example, apples.Apples are beginning to dry at a high temperature.During the drying process it is gradually lowered.In the case of plums of juicy and soft fruit, first a little zavyalit.This process is necessary to ensure that the plum is not burst.For this purpose, berries must first be dried at a temperature of from forty to fifty degrees.At such a temperature range berries be conditioned for several hours.Then, the temperature can be raised, and has finally dried fruits at higher temperature performance.

At drying prunes just gets its taste.This is due to the biochemical processes taking place inside the fruit.It is also in the process of drying prunes accumulates a large number of monosaccharides (fructose and glucose).That is why prunes often a part of the different diets. Furthermore, prunes positive effect on gastro-intestinal activity, stimulating it.

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Prunes keeps a lot of useful properties.This dried fruit can help you normalize the pressure, improve the digestive system, and to strengthen the nervous system.Furthermore, the present, right cooked prunes has excellent, incomparable taste.Eat to your health!

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