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How to choose a ceramic pan?

Before any mistress always gets complicated issue - lack of kitchen and good quality pans.From cookware is not only the taste of cooked food, but also the safety of the household.

To make the right choice when buying cookware, namely, frying pan, you need to have an idea of ​​the available range of the pan, on the world market.

Variety pans

Today, there are so many different types of pans submitted by manufacturers in the field of production.Let's talk about the most popular pan, and let us start with the least quality of the pan, the use of which it threatens us not only for its intended useless, but harmful effects.

pan Teflon Frying

having on the surface of certain chemical coating, originally designed for the food, for it does not burn and are ready in the shortest possible time.

In fact, Teflon - is not nothing but a certain kind of plastic doped with various chemical elements in its composition to strengthen the inside of the plastic cover.Sami imagine what will happen if you do not ca

refully scratch the coating with a fork or a knife?All hazardous substances together in food fall into your stomach.Incidentally, in the Teflon includes perfluorooctanoic acid alone belonging to Groups acids already said that it is not safe.

Many manufacturers often bypass this point, party or just say that this theory has not been proven and it's a marketing machinations of rivals that use wooden stirrers will eliminate the risk of deformation of the surface and will not lead to the ingress of dangerous substances into the body.However, those who have not forgotten chemistry course, remember that when heated chemicals of various kinds, the evaporation of harmful substances.Do you want to take that risk their health or the health of your family - you decide.

pan with a titanium-coated

pan with a titanium coating does not have a harmful structure, cooking her food is quite safe, it is well washed under the tap, even with cold water.Plus, this pan is that its cost is not exorbitant, but there is a minus - it is not durable, will serve on the force for six months, then you will notice that it begins to wear off the coating and frying pan in a beautiful turn of the conventional pan yetone to your collection ordinary scratched pans.

Frying pan with ceramic coating

immediately be noted that pan with ceramic coating - not the cheapest , but the market pans and among housewives appreciated its decent quality .Frying pan with ceramic coating has no hazardous substances in its composition, in fact this non-stick frying pan has excellent quality, which is achieved due to the smoothness of its surface.

Food on the ceramic coating is prepared in two times faster than normal , such as the pan heats up very quickly, but also does not lead to overcooking.Usually the pan with ceramic coating are original and beautiful appearance, is comparatively heavy weight and quickly washed.

If you set out to buy a truly pan quality, it is better to overpay a little bit more money, but to buy high-quality ceramic pan.

How to choose a ceramic pan?

So, how do you choose a ceramic pan, which will serve you for many years?To select a frying pan with ceramic coating, it is necessary to pay attention to the details.

handle ceramic pans

handle should be without a handle - no pans, but important is the fact that the handle must be removable, then it will not only quality, but also versatile, since it can be cooked on the stove,and in the ovens, moreover, you will not burn your hands when you take the pan from the oven.

weight ceramic pans

weight ceramic pans are not as important as the bottom of the pan, it must be of a certain thickness, the thickness of the aluminum for the bottom must be at least 5 mm thick cast iron bottom not less than 4 mm, steel thickness not less than 5 mm.

Material ceramic pans

  • choice of material of the pan depends on your personal preferences and the properties of the chosen metal, such as cast iron is considered to be extremely durable, so it is absolutely not change its shape, it has thick walls and the bottom, using a frying panFood will be prepared for a long time, then a long time to cool down, not for the impatient.
  • aluminum pan and rapidly heats at least the bottom absolutely not practical because that leads to the deformation of the bottom.
  • most viable option - the choice of steel pans, it does not rust, it does not change its shape, relatively quickly and uniformly heats the bottom of the pan.

Frying pan with ceramic coating

To date range of the pan with ceramic-coated steel has many more advantages over other options pans.It also happens that the pan does not justify the hopes, but so is due to the fact that the hottest items on the market is always subject to risk his forgery.China - a country that is guided by copying foreign production technologies using cheap materials.

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Therefore, the choice of the pan carefully study what is written on the reverse side, advance to find out from the seller - the manufacturer of the pan, and then you willplease not only themselves but also their families faster, better, and delicious food.

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