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How to keep the garlic in the winter?

Summer gives us useful new crop of vegetables and fruit.Many of them we make preparations for the winter.Some of them need to be stored throughout the winter intact.

Such cultural garden plants include garlic.Of course, it is possible to pickle and add a variety of preservatives, salads, etc.But to keep it intact in the winter just need: garlic - an effective fighter against colds, viral diseases .It perfectly strengthens our health.

methods of storage of garlic in the winter

There is no one way to store garlic in the winter.They anciently called warm and cold-storage garlic .Let us consider each of these in detail.

way to store garlic Warm winter

This method is characterized by the temperature in the room where the garlic is kept not less than 15 ° C.The optimum temperature of the room should be 18 ° C -20 ° C.

With this method of storage of garlic rather quickly spends its spare substances, because in a warm room, he breathes heavily.Nutrients it goes to the process of breathing.Weight gar

lic is lowered.Garlic dries.

This method is not very effective.However, when heat storage method garlic product retains all its nutrients and properties .There is a small disclaimer - stored this way can be garlic only spring crops .For winter crops of garlic is better not to use warm storage method.

Cool way to store garlic in the winter

There are two important factors: the room temperature and humidity in it.So often the best place for cold storage method is garlic refrigerator.The required air humidity in this process is from 70% to 80%.The temperature should be approximately 2 ° C -3 ° C, relatively constant, not fluctuate.

garlic in the refrigerator better placed in cardboard boxes.So it will remain the same, fresh and fully maintain its weight until the next season.

This method is good for most of garlic.It has almost no disadvantages.However, before you send the garlic stored in a refrigerator, a good loop through it.After all, if in a box even if it gets a bad head rot whole garlic.

Recommendations for the storage of garlic in the winter

Whichever method of storage to choose, you must know the following:

  • immediately after harvest garlic, gently slight burn his roots.
  • better not cut the stems and woven into braids.Three or more heads of garlic are you in a bundle.Such bundles made even our great-grandmother.
  • garlic must be cleaned of lumps of earth and dry well.
  • to dry garlic post it on the sun, on the windiest place.
  • not wash the garlic, after drying, simply shake off heads of garlic on dry land.
  • Eat, first of all, shooters garlic (winter).It is only spring garlic may well persist until the next harvest.

Other ways to store winter garlic

  • Grandparents and their parents kept the garlic in canvas bags .To do this, it first well dried.Then folding canvas bags.These bags were placed in a large plastic bags or sacks.Linen bags tightly tied and plastic left open.In this way, garlic stored in winter in normal room temperature conditions.
  • Another way to also come up with a long time: a head of garlic dipped in melted candle (paraffin) and placed in jars.The wax solidifies and perfectly preserved garlic.

It basic ways to store fresh harvested garlic.After winter so I want to clean the garlic and add it to the salad or other dish, or simply eat a clove or two of black bread.The benefits of garlic for health read the article Medicinal properties of garlic.

Keep freshly harvested garlic and do it correctly without loss, taking into account the recommendations of this article.

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