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How to make mustard at home?

Mustard - an excellent seasoning for many dishes, but, unfortunately, often buying it in the shops, we find that it is far from perfect taste.Mustard is a little too spicy, is not sharp enough.How to find a middle ground?Very simple - prepare mustard themselves at home .

story of mustard

first mention of mustard found five thousand years ago in India, and the first popular recipe of mustard seeds appeared in 42 BC.e.But oddly enough, in large countries such as Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece or mustard did not deserve universal love.Widespread sharp mustard sauce was in the 4th century in France, where it was produced mainly in local monasteries.In the early Middle Ages in Dijon mustard began to prepare a special seasoning on which virtually all went crazy.Every wealthy man of that era had the suppliers of this sharp little sauce.But over time, Dijon mustard became displaced eastern spices, and for a while you forget about it safely.

second birth in this sauce was held by order of Louis, who granted

the exclusive right of Dijon mustard sauce production, but this time the story was not continued.However, the third time in history still had a happy ending - in 1747 prepared a culinary craftsman sharp little sauce with capers, anchovies and verjuice.This recipe was virtually identical to the previous recipe mustard sauce.In the 19th century a local Dijon came to Paris, where he spread the different varieties of mustard sauce.After that, the recipes began to change, but the basis for all of them remains the same initial Dijon sauce.

appearance of mustard in Russia

In Russia, this spice has appeared before the recipes for mustard steel described in the book.Mustard was first popular in Russia not as a food: squeezed from its seeds fatty oil and finished dosage packs.And only then came the famous Russian searing mustard.The very first center for the production of mustard was the settlement of Sarepta Volgograd.

Recipes mustard

simple recipe of mustard mustard powder

  • composition : mustard powder - 100 g, water - 750 ml of vegetable oil, vinegar and salt to taste.
  • Method of preparation: pour mustard powder in a small bowl and pour 250 ml of boiling water, stirring constantly mass.Rub the powder with water very carefully, so that no lumps.Then fill in the rest mass of the water and set aside to infuse the sauce a day.After time, drain excess liquid, add the vegetable oil, vinegar and salt.

If this recipe mustard sauce seems too simple for you, try to make it a variety.Add the mustard, a little of your favorite spices, add sliced ​​raisins or nuts.After cooking, keep the mustard in a tight container, so it does not run out of steam and lost its flavor.Save properties of mustard, you can use a piece of lemon to be put on top of the mustard.

Mustard dining with ginger

  • composition : flour from the seeds of the black mustard - 500g wheat flour - 100 g, ground allspice - 12 g of ground cloves - 2 g ground ginger - 5g sugar - 100 g, salt - 100 g
  • method for preparing : all products pour wine vinegar until you get the desired consistency.And gradually pour the vinegar.If you need a small amount of mustard, you can simply reduce the dose of the components proportionally.

Mustard with cucumber pickle at home

  • Ingredients: mustard powder - 50g cucumber pickle - 100 ml of salt - 0.5 hours. L., Sugar - 0.5 hours. l. vegetable oil - 1 ch. l., vinegar or lemon juice - 1 ch. l.
  • method for preparing : mustard powder, pour into a container to pour the salt, sugar and vegetable oil.Then pour the cucumber pickle, which should be a bit warmer.All components mix thoroughly and reload mustard in a tightly sealable container.Then send mustard, leave to infuse for a day.Then add the apple cider vinegar, mix everything again and all the mustard at home is ready!Keep it should be refrigerated.

Mustard applesauce

  • Ingredients: mustard powder - 3 tbsp.l., apple sauce - 4 tbsp.l., sugar - 1/2 Art.l., salt - 1 ch. l., 3% vinegar, star anise, cloves, star anise, basil.
  • method for preparing : this recipe mustard at home turns out very original herbal flavor .Bake wild apples Antonovka or in the oven, then cool and remove from their skin.From apple pulp mash.Then mix the mashed potatoes with mustard powder and add sugar.All mix until smooth.In the mustard, add a little vinegar and leave in a tightly sealed container to infuse for a few days.

Mustard acidic ancient recipe

  • composition : mustard - 3 tbsp.l., boiled and pureed sorrel on the screen - 4 tbsp.l., vinegar, tarragon, small sugar - 2 tbsp.l., mashed capers - 1 tbsp.l., salt - 2 h. L.
  • method for preparing : mustard mixed with grinded sorrel, then dilute slurry tarragon vinegar, which is desirable to take stronger.Now knead the dough uniform and send it in a cool, cool place.This mustard is good to all, but it can only be stored for two months.

Home mustard French

  • Ingredients: gray or yellow mustard - 600 g sugar - 200 g, milled and sieved through a sieve biscuits - 4 tbsp.l., salt - 1 dessert.l., crushed pepper - 1/2 hour. l., a small jar of olives and capers small bank, the Dutch herring - 2 pcs., the brine from the same herring - 4 tbsp.l., vinegar - 250 ml.
  • method for preparing : Mix all the ingredients with mustard, add the chopped herring, olives and capers, pour the vinegar and mix thoroughly.Mustard will possess more excellent taste if it withstand several days.

Accord their favorite dishes new flavors by adding them homemade mustard.Bon Appetit!

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