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How to store dried fish?

Dried fish - fish is salted, slightly dried in the air. To fish out tasty and well dried choose bold or fatty fish.Of these individuals get the highest quality and tasty product.

Cook dried fish can each, recipe is simple enough.All you need to do - a good fish with salt to taste.Sun-dried in the air takes a few days, but does not require constant monitoring, so a lot of time this session you will not take.

salts must be 12% more than the fish.Small salted fish a day or two, and a large 6 days.One good stirring of fish per day until the end of it may well prosolitsya, it will make it tastier.After salting the fish should be cleaned and sent to drying.

Outdoors fish posted previously associated in small bundles on some pieces.Dvet or three weeks (here plays the role of the value of fish, weather conditionsAbout number) and your fish will be ready.Learn here how this can be: Shrunken back, elastic meat counter dolzhenbyt smooth yellowish-pink and orange-red caviar.

After harvesting need somewhere

to keep your strategic reserve. In order to ensure that your fish remains intact for a long time, read the rules of storage of dried fish.

Basic methods and rules for storing dried fish

There are several "home" ways to store dried fish

  1. first and easiest - is to wrap it in paper / paper and leave in a cool place.
  2. in a large jar with the fish put a burning candle and close the lid.After the oxygen is finished, the candle goes out, and the fish in such a way can be stored for several months.
  3. a freezer - another place where you can store dried fish.If you want to eat, you can just unfreeze nuzhnoekolichestvo.
  4. surest way - is to keep the fish in a tin with a tight lid. But the best way to spoil her - "lock" in a plastic bag.It is better not to risk his own dried fish, and choose one of the ways that accurately preserve the product.

important are some subtleties to which attention must be manifest.

  • Dried fish - seasonal product, so its better to use more quickly (not to store 12 months to eat on holidays).Of course, it is well kept, but still "svyazhevyalenaya fish" gorazo and tastier "lie down»
  • You must be prepared for the fact that the fish mutate after shrinkage.It may be less weight and size, though not by much.Due to improper storage may appear molding and rotting, rodents and other vreliteli may coveted fish.That is why the storage conditions must be adhered to.
  • on an industrial scale for the storage of fish using special packaging.The choice here is huge: wooden boxes, containers made of corrugated cardboard, wicker baskets, grocery bags, linen, paper laminated bags and more.Cellophane foil and, as already mentioned, it is absolutely not suitable for storing similar products.

fish itself - an amazing product because it has 8 of 8 essential amino acids.At the same time they are well balanced and are intended to saturate the human body. A fish nourishes our body for a long time.

Fish appetizers - practical bases of Russian cuisine.Which table complete without a delicious salted herring, dried or dried fish?The composition of fish meat includes protein, minerals, vitamins and fats are beneficial to humans.And stockfish retains all its positive properties and qualities.

If we talk about the calorie, the dried fish is not very packed full of calories.Dried roach has about 235 calories per 100 grams, but the bream - 221 kcal.In any case, even if you're on a diet, a small dried fish does not make you harder.So eat fish of any kind and be healthy!

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