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Treating a child's birthday

Remember how we all were expecting a child of his birthday, it was for us something special and magical?So why not do for your child a real fairy tale on his birthday? main mistake parents - to do a birthday party for children at your leisure, without considering the fact that the child may have very different tastes and desires. For example, the classic salads such as Olivier, potatoes with meat, sausage and cheese - it is certainly tasty, but they are not please and do not see the baby.As a result, children do not eat half of what was prepared for them.Let's try to look at this feast their eyes.

When preparing treats for children's birthday manifest imagination and creativity. Food must not only beautifully designed, but to attract attention, for example, can be a treat in the form of fairy-tale characters, or just cook them in a funny mordashek.

If you come to this point of view to the preparation of food, the children are sure to try each dish, and will not be, as usual, and there is only a swe

et lemonade drink it harmful.For adults such celebration may be prepared Caesar salad, and for dessert recipes use one of Napoleon, who certainly will appeal to kids.

Tips to prepare for the child's birthday

  • Do not cook very fatty and hearty, yet birthday to be remembered his joy, not the weight of the stomach after a hearty feast.In addition, after eating children will likely want to play outdoor games, and with a full stomach to do it is not so desirable.
  • possible, replace all soda dyes and natural products.Much more useful would be put on the table juices or homemade compotes, salads and main dishes better to do yourself, so you'll be assured of the quality and freshness of products, as opposed to purchased treats.
  • Besides the dishes, you can decorate the table itself, covering it with a cheerful cloth cute little animals you can use disposable dishes with the image of the heroes of children's cartoons.

  • Children are usually very fond of ice cream and a good idea to include such treats for children's birthday. Average ice-cream can vary chocolate chips, fruit, nuts or berry syrup.You can also make a cocktail with the addition of cream and decorate them with colored tubes.
  • Pay special attention to the cake.Be sure to put on the cake candles, whose number will designate the child's age.As decorations for cakes, use mints, chips and coke colored licorice.

sandwiches for children's birthday

as snacks for children's birthday you can cook the unusual sandwiches , make them quite easily.You will need thin buns, they are sold specifically for cooking hamburgers, children usually do not favor much the bread and cut it so it is thinner, and the need for this feast cooked sausage, doctoral perfect.Mayonnaise can be used, you can not, but keep in mind that if the children are still very small, then it is undesirable to use it.Now start making muzzles on sandwiches, cheese Put a smile, and his eyes were black olives, all secure butter.

Salad "Ladybug" for children's birthday

This salad is not only delicious, but also immediately attract attention.To make it, you'll need a few potatoes, boil them straight jacket, and then clean the potatoes and grate it on grater.Then put it in a bowl - this is the first layer.The second layer - boiled meat, better to take a chicken breast or lean chicken, each layer of grease with mayonnaise.

next layer will cucumbers, grated.Then a layer of canned corn, and then a layer of canned peas.The last layer - is boiled beets, mixed with mayonnaise.Now we start to do the main part in a salad - whole prunes lay head ladybug, make a foot of plum halves, using mayonnaise draw the eye.The spots on the ladybug's body lay halves of olives.

Treats for children "mice»

How to take products for cooking determine, based on the number of guests, but the most important in this dish to form a comfortable weight for modeling mice.You will need: a few boiled potatoes, cheese, hard boiled eggs, canned salmon and mayonnaise.

Separate the egg yolks and rub them on a grater.Potatoes and cheese and grate, salmon mash with a fork and mix all with the addition of mayonnaise.Now start vyleplivat mice as plasticine.Form the ears and a small tail.Then, from black pepper Put eyes, and from pomegranate seeds make noses.The protein from the eggs, you can grate and place it on a plate on which lay out mice.If there are surplus grated processed cheese, the mice can roll in it.

Treats for children's birthday - cake "Chocolate»

Very tasty and easy cake at the same time.You will need: Sugar - Article 1.5., 3 eggs, sour cream - 1 tbsp. Cocoa - 2 tbsp.spoon flour - 2 tbsp.and 1 tbsp.l.soda, lemon juice repaid.

sugar and eggs, beat until a rich foam, add to the cream and whisk again.Then add the cocoa, flour and baking soda.All mixed and pour the mixture into the baking dish.To propeksya good cake, set the oven temperature to 300 degrees, but watch out for, so that the temperature during baking does not exceed 250 degrees.Since the cake baked through for 15 minutes, then set the oven temperature to 200 and bake for another 40 minutes.The process of baking is very different, so I look for Korzh.Filling for this cake is made from a pack of butter and condensed milk cans.The cooled cake cut into two longitudinal parts and grease filling.On top of the cake, you can pour the hot chocolate powder and decorate.The cake in the refrigerator to submit, and after 4-5 hours it is possible to eat.

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Such treats for children's birthday may surprise even the most capricious guests.And do not forget to think about the competitions and entertainment at the birthday party of your child, because children - very active and cheerful people.

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