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Frozen vegetables at home

There are many ways of harvesting vegetables for the winter.But sometimes I want to eat foods are not canned and fresh.For such cases, the decision was coined - frost .If you hold it correctly, then you get to your table fresh vegetables, even in winter.

General Rules frozen foods

  • to implement proper freezing, you must properly prepare the fruit.They must be clean, and also should not take up too much space in the freezer.For example, before freeze apricots, save them from the bones, and the pepper from the core.With other products to do the same.

  • It is equally important to choose the right container for freezing.As such original molds to form briquettes can serve as a canning jar or molds for ice extracted from the walls.It is better if these forms are not round and rectangular.In this case, the freezer space to be used more rationally.
  • Molds must have a height of about five to six centimeters, as too high tins products will be frozen too long, and forms a lower product layer is too thin.
    These containers must be tightly packed product so that the edge of the left four or five millimeters.Once the products are completely freeze the form they should be removed from the freezer and keep a few seconds under warm running water to the edge of the preform behind the dishes.Then, turning the bowl and lightly tapping its bottom, you can easily eject the briquette out to be right there to put, for example, cellophane and then send in the refrigerator for storage.
  • Note that for frozen foods is harmful any contact with air , so they should be carefully plugged.The smaller your products will interact with the air, the better to keep their quality.And another thing, many well-known rule: never put in the fridge the products that did not have time to cool down after the heat treatment.It can hurt and Technology, and the product itself.

How to freeze vegetables at home?

to freeze different products you can use your home refrigerator.It can thus be stored semi-finished meat or fish, ready-made first or second dishes, as well as a variety of fruits, berries and vegetables.

  • to freeze the vegetables well, it should be done when the most fresh vegetables.It was then that they would retain the majority of useful properties.
  • Almost all vegetables except onions and peppers, you need to blanch before freezing.Onions and peppers, you can simply cut without resorting to blanching.This process is necessary to prevent the further development of the fetus.When frozen without blanching fetal development still continues, despite the fact that by applying extreme cold.Continued maturation process may lead to the loss of vegetable freshness of its flavor, and can make the fruit and colorless solid.
  • blanching process consists of two stages.First, you must place the vegetables in boiling water.Kept at this temperature, they have a certain time, which will vary depending upon the amount and type of fruit.After vegetable its left in boiling water, it rapidly placed in cold water for about the same time as the boiling.
  • To blanch vegetables, it is better to use a colander or metal mesh.Put in a colander at one time should be no more than a pound of vegetables.On so many vegetables in the pan must be poured five liters of water.
  • If you blanshiruete leafy vegetables, increase the amount of water doubled.Then the leaves will not stick together.
  • water in the pan must be brought to a boil.In boiling water, place the colander.Pan cover and need to wait for a while.this is a very important factor.Cauliflower should boil three minutes, cabbage, if it is cut into strips - one and a half minutes, if pieces - three minutes.Eggplant to boil allocated four minutes, whole carrots - five minutes, carrot sticks - two minutes.Two minutes needed to boil and zucchini, and mushrooms - from two to five minutes.
  • After the time expires finding vegetables in boiling water, they must be cooled by placing in a cold, even icy water.Once you cool vegetables, they must be dried.
  • Then you can put the vegetables in a bowl for freezing and blanch the next batch.
  • As for hot water, there is no changing it, you can blanch it to six servings of the same vegetable.But the cold water should be changed every time.

How to freeze a variety of vegetables?

Different kinds of vegetables that of their freezing may differ slightly.

  • cucumbers is recommended to freeze, cut them into slices or wedges and place in sealed packaging.Similarly reported with tomatoes.Small cherry tomato varieties, and can be frozen completely.
  • If you freeze the peppers for the future to enjoy this vegetable in stuffed form, it should be left intact, removing only the upper part and seeds.In order to economize space in the freezer, peppers need to be folded into one another.
  • green beans should be washed, cut into pieces of length of about two centimeters and freeze.But green peas should be sent out in the cold in bulk, do not forget the pre-wash and dry it.Similarly
  • and frozen corn.This vegetable should be placed in the freezer when it is still milky ripeness.
  • blanch the broccoli is not necessary.This is a very delicate vegetable.Therefore, freezing enough to split the cabbage into florets, wash it thoroughly.Then dried and put into packages inflorescence.

Frozen vegetables should be stored in himself all those vitamins, which plucked from the garden.Of course, their concentration will still be slightly smaller, but it will not prevent you to replenish your supply of vitamins in the winter and enrich the diet with the help of delicious vegetables.

Especially for - Marie Matveyuk

August 16, 2013 21:08
freezer - it's all great, especially for a healthy diet.And also it helps to save time.For example, in the preparation of borscht takes a long time until all natresh, a lot of dishes.And if you once get a harvester, to kill all the vegetables, and then put them on bags that do not freeze together, can be boxes, cardboard divided into sections and to add vegetables separately and then in the freezer.My husband wanted to borscht, all quickly pulled, leaving the rest and sleep!
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February 2, 2015 14:02
Is it possible to freeze the vacuum bags?
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