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Nutmeg: useful properties, action, addicting

Nutmeg is a very useful and tasty product.Substances that form part of it, have on the body painkiller antiedematous and antibacterial effects.

Useful properties of nutmeg

Nutmeg help strengthen the nervous system, memory, and hair. It helps treat benign tumors and heart disease.It will be indispensable for immunity and treatment of colds.Will have a beneficial impact on the functioning of the circulatory and digestive systems.Nutmeg its fragrance will cheer up.It is very useful for men's health.When mastitis nutmeg will also be indispensable.

Action nutmeg

Nutmeg in tёrtom able to give a sweet, spicy and delicate aroma and taste various dishes.It will help improve the taste of egg dishes, sweet and starchy foods, milk and dairy products.He will emphasize the taste of mulled wine, fresh juice from carrots and spinach. Nutmeg has on the body strong aphrodisiac, tonic and stimulating effect.In small doses calming affect.

Where used nutmeg?

Nutmeg is used as a decoration for cocktails, coff

ee drinks and cocktails. He is one of the ingredients for cocktails and mulled wine.Nutmeg is added to coffee and tea.It is used in baking, desserts, meat, seafood, first courses, salads, home-made sausage.With hot-smoked fish, pickling and salting herring, to vegetables and mushrooms nutmeg certainly not superfluous, if you want to vary the taste of long-familiar dishes.Nutmeg is best combined with jam, pies, sweet dishes, cakes, liqueurs, compotes, pies and buns.

How to use nutmeg?

Nutmeg need to use very small amounts so as not to spoil the taste of dishes.Rub nutmeg before use.Add it in preparing dishes at the end of cooking.For tea or coffee is enough to use the amount of nut fits on the tip of a knife.For soup or meat cooked in conventional containers, enough for a half - two small pinches.Ground nutmeg quite quickly loses its flavor and healthy qualities, so the best option would be to store a nutmeg as a whole.Then it will retain its quality for several years.

Buying whole nutmeg can check to see whether you are selling it.Rubbing it on any rough surface, you should feel the fragrant smell.Try to choose nutmeg oblong.Nuts this kind of fragrant and useful for women's health.

As used nutmeg in kitchens of the world?

in French cuisine it is used for the preparation of bechamel sauce.The Italian used for the sauce Bolognese, is often used in cooking a variety of pizzas and pastas.In Switzerland, nutmeg is added to the cheese fondue.In the Netherlands, it is added to meat, potato, fish, vegetables and cabbage dishes.The Dutch are seasoned with nutmeg and fruit puddings, beef goulash and pasta.Of course, it is added to their cocktails and mulled wine.For the preparation of jam nutmeg is used in Indonesia.

Contraindications for use nutmeg

In large quantities consumed nutmeg prohibited.For pregnant women, excitable people its use undesirable.Nutmeg can have an irritating effect on fasting kozhu.Muskatny nut in large amounts can cause hallucinations.

Nutmeg is a unique spice.It has many useful properties.Slowly chewed a piece of nutmeg as a match head, you can even cope with arrhythmia, or heart attack.Nutmeg is used in many dishes of world cuisine.It is truly versatile and suited to almost any dish.And its aroma and flavor easily lift your mood and help you cope with stress.

Thanks to its flavor, nutmeg part of many spices (such as curry) and added in the manufacture of coffee and mulled wine, and is even used as an additive in perfumes.As a decoration it will give your dishes a true charm. Due to its beneficial properties, effects and use of latitude, nutmeg easily help your health to become stronger.

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