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How to use and consume ginger?

Use ginger widely in cooking, as well as in folk medicine. In cooking ginger was a place almost anywhere.Drink ginger as a part of first and second courses, a variety of desserts and drinks.The use of ginger in combination with his exquisite taste has spread in dishes from different countries.But do not abuse this miracle product.After all, everything is good in moderation.Even a very useful product may cause undesirable effects if you eat too much and even more wrong.

fresh ginger taste quite different from the taste of dried ginger.This is not news, because this property have many foods (carrots, cabbage, etc.). Fresh ginger has a refreshing aftertaste and dried - pungent aromatic flavor.

By ak correct grind ginger?

At first glance, this might seem ridiculous."Is there any special rules for that?" - You will be surprised.Yes!For ginger is!You can grind the ginger grated, as well as many fruits and vegetables.But there you want to use it for chopping knife and a board, the board must take as a

synthetic board.Plain wooden board absorbs the smell of fresh ginger, synthetic - no.And on board, smelling ginger, cut into all future products will have a taste of ginger because soak up the smell.

Before chopping ginger, wash it, and then clean the skin with a sharp knife. Do not cut off too much skin (layer it should be fine), because it is in the skin and collect more fragrances and essential oils.

It is also important to know that one tablespoon minced fresh ginger is equivalent to a teaspoon of ground dry ginger .This knowledge is useful in cooking, if you have one or another ginger.

This ginger is contraindicated?

Ginger - very aromatic spice has a pungent taste bitter.The ginger contains essential oils.Therefore, there are people who from its use should be abandoned.This applies to pregnant women (during the third trimester) and breastfeeding women, people suffering from an ulcer or gallstones or kidney.Ginger is contraindicated during inflammatory processes in humans.People with heart disease, high blood pressure sufferers, ginger is absolutely contraindicated, it can cause them complications.

It is also important to know if you have any allergy to the product (this applies with respect to all food!).

Do not think that the benefits of ginger is its quantity, the more we eat the ginger, the greater the benefit.This is very misleading!After all, everything is good in moderation.No need for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals with ginger.And even more so can not eat it several times a day for weeks.Ginger can be added to meals several times a week for breakfast, lunch or dinner (your choice).

Ginger and culinary specialties

To prepare the meat, or use baking one gram of ginger per kilogram of food .

is important to know not only the quantitative relation to the ginger is prepared dishes, but also, at what point this add seasoning.Because at the late payment of ginger, it can lose nutrients and not be so fragrant.

  • To prepare baking ginger need to put in the dough during mixing.Candied ginger is usually put on the already finished dish.
  • The meat dishes ginger added over twenty minutes until cooked meals.
  • in sweet dishes and desserts ginger added over three minutes until tender.
  • in ginger sauce put only after the heat treatment.

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Eat healthy and natural food!Be healthy!

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