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How to dry apricots?

Dried apricots - additional source of vitamins in the winter .Apricot can be obtained by drying and dried apricots - dried apricots, pitted , and apricots - dried apricot with a bone , and even stuffed with dried apricot !How to dry apricots that they delighted us with its taste and appearance?

How to dry apricots Electric driers?

  • begin with that iterate our apricots.When choosing fruits for drying should select only those who have a holistic view they mature, solid and with no signs of disease.
  • Then all they need to thoroughly wash and remove the bone, cutting them in half.
  • Each tray Electric driers laid halves of apricot skin down.If you do differently pristanut apricots to the pan.On the one tray should be only one layer apricots and better if they are in contact with each other.

  • further expose the dryer on the balcony or in any other place that is well ventilated.This is to ensure that the steam could freely leave the premises without returning back to the dryer.
  • at an average temperature of drying will occur from ten to fourteen hours, depending on the size and juiciness apricots.

10 kg of fresh apricots dried, yielding about 1.5 kg of dried apricots - dried apricot.

How to dry apricots in the sun?

  • selects only fresh fruits, without damage.Thoroughly wash them, cut lengthwise and remove seeds.
  • Next, you need to prepare a solution.For this purpose, 1 liter of water was dissolved 8 tspcitric acid.The prepared solution must be lowered apricots approximately ten minutes.
  • When the specified time out, pull out the apricots and put in a place where water will drain from the fruit, for example in a colander.
  • When apricots drained, spread them in a single layer on the prepared array slice up.At the same time try to keep the halves do not touch each other.Then take out of the lattice with apricots in the hot sun, and leave it for three or four days.
  • After a specified time, apricots podvyalyatsya well, then remove them from the grating, putting them more dense layer.In the same kind of attribute in a shaded place, and leave to dry completely. place, which will be finally dried apricots must be well ventilated.

How to dry apricots in the oven?

  • First you need to prepare a special solution.To this was dissolved in 1 liter of water 1.5 tspsoda solution and put food on the gas.
  • Ripe, selected, cut into two parts add up the apricots in a colander, and drop into boiling solution for ten seconds.As soon as you pull out of apricots boiled water, immerse them immediately in cold water for a few seconds.We get apricots and leave them to drain.
  • When the water is completely glass with apricots begin to lay them on a baking sheet, slit up to the halves do not touch each other.The pans put in the oven.Samu opens the oven and dry them at a temperature of 65 degrees for about eight to ten hours.By the end of the drying temperature should be lowered.
  • After apricots dried in the oven , they need to be folded into a wooden container or just a cool place for three to four weeks.This is necessary in order to "align" the humidity in the fetus.

How to store dried apricots?

In no case do not store the finished dried apricots in a jar with a lid caproic, or in the normal package.If you do so, be acquired in the fruit moth.

allowed storage of dried apricots in a glass jar with a lid which is screwed.

But ideal option is to store dried apricots another way.Dried apricots must be wrapped in a linen or paper bag and then put the package in a jar with a screw top.

It's just great, if you stock up for winter sun-dried apricots - dried apricot.Firstly, apricots may be prepared using a lot of different delicacies and used as an additive to the porridge for breakfast ( recipes you'll find in the article Recipes healthy breakfast).In addition, dried apricots in itself is very useful, especially during pregnancy ( more about the benefits of dried apricots for pregnant , you can read the article Apricots during pregnancy).

Bon appetit!

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