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Oil of Oregano: composition and application

oregano oil produced from plants of oregano (Origanum).It is a pale yellow liquid with a warm aroma.Over time, the smell and the color may vary.Oil of Oregano produced differently, so oil types may differ in concentration.Combine oregano oil can with linseed, cedar, olive oil.

If we talk about the composition, the main active component are essential oils, followed by flavonoids - antioxidants, further acids, vitamins A and C, a number of trace elements.And oil of oregano, in contrast to the living plant, boasts a concentrated bouquet of useful components.About therapeutic, cosmetic and culinary abilities of this oil will be discussed.

properties of oil of oregano

In ancient times, oil of oregano was used for medicinal purposes: headaches, snake bites, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds and coughs from all this we can get rid of. Today known antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties of the oil of oregano .

With oil you can get rid of the germs that cause skin problems and digestive

tract.Also, strengthen the immune system, making the muscles more flexible, to get rid of breathing problems.

How to choose oil of oregano?

Before you use oregano oil, make sure it is high quality.The product can be diluted with harmful substances to the human body.Available and cheap options for oil may not always be the right product: it may be the oil of thyme or oregano.They are also good and helpful, but do not have the power of oil of oregano.

Here are some tips when choosing oil of oregano

  • The quality of oregano oil concentration korvakrola - strong antibacterial agent - must be at least 70%.But the percentage of thymol should be low - about 5%.
  • This oil must be obtained as a result of the natural process of preparation - steam distillation
  • No chemical additives product should not contain

And, of course, you must look at the price tag.This in itself is enough cheap oil - it all depends on the dosage.For example, 5 ml of oil will cost you about 60 rubles.This oil can be purchased at any pharmacy.

application of oil of oregano

use oil of oregano treatment, cooking, cosmetology, always with great success.It treats 13 species of fungi, has anthelmintic and antibacterial action.Apply the oil on the skin can not be neat, it is best to dilute it with olive, coconut.

  • oil is effective for allergies, bacterial infections, thrush (oral), headaches and muscle pains, eczema, skin disorders, dandruff, rashes, stings of bees, poisonous spiders and snakes.
  • If you have problems with digestion just add a few drops of a glass of juice.
  • Cold treated in the early stages.The recipe is still the same, only need to slightly increase the dose of 5 drops yes, eat about 5 days.Ailing leave you immediately.
  • If nasal congestion is the same recipe: juice and oil - 3 drops every day.
  • In cooking oregano is used quite often and mostly Italians.Chefs love to add oregano to fish, pizza, pickles, sauces, salads, meat - in a word, everything.

in cosmetology and aromatherapy oil of oregano is the perfect companion for relaxation and comfort.


oil of oregano along with powerful and useful qualities have a number of disadvantages.For example, the oil serves as a barrier to assimilation of iron by the body, so its use during pregnancy is not necessary. Allergy sufferers with "hostility" to the basilica, mint, thyme and sage should be very careful, because the oil of oregano active allergic product.

Oil of oregano - a beautiful and natural product, it can, how to cure and soothe you.Couple wonderful drops of oil of oregano can work wonders, so after a long day of surrender to his authority and did not regret it!

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