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Black cumin or fennel flower

name of this plant in 15 languages ​​sounds absolutely differently.We, the Russians call it simply Chernushka or fennel flower, and the British styled very romantic - love in the mist.This is because of the beautiful flowers of cumin.

Black cumin is incredibly popular in the east, he is considered almost the savior of the homeland. fame of the miraculous properties of cumin went from Ancient Egypt.Even then, it was used to treat gastrointestinal disorders and in cosmetology.Pharaohs even into the next life is taken away a certain amount of cumin, and as you know - the kings of Egypt's horrible to imagine not advise.

We in Ancient Rus black cumin actively used in cooking, not in medicine: the sauerkraut, pickles, bread baking.

Externally cumin seeds are very similar to sesame, black only.The taste of the seeds sweetish, slightly bitter and astringent. smell of cumin stunning - it reminds peppers, strawberries and nutmeg.

The use of black cumin

Treatment black cumin

  1. Muslims revered black seed at the highest level.Once the Prophet Muhammad made black cumin popular because his fame is still not fading.No wonder, because it effectively fights bacteria, such as those tenacious as cholera.
  2. digestive tract can also sleep well, if there black cumin.Nausea, vomiting, colic - black cumin and cure it.
  3. Cosmetic possibilities of black cumin is also quite wide.Seeds improve hair growth and prevent them from turning gray.

Black cumin culinary

fennel flower mainly used for the preparation of confectionery, desserts and drinks.Also used as black pepper.And even then cumin comes forward: unlike pepper it does not irritate the stomach lining.As a spice, black cumin is used in Egyptian, Indian and Arabic cuisine.

black caraway seeds Oil

Black cumin oil is a diuretic, choleretic, mild laxative and immunostimulatory effects.

like himself black cumin, its oil is an excellent physician if used properly.It helps to increase milk in nursing mothers, prevents obesity, reduces cholesterol in the blood, is the antidote to alcohol and cures jaundice and impotence.As you can see, the range is not just wide, it is immense.Full list of medical wins big black cumin oil

black caraway seeds Oil is actively used in cosmetics for problem skin.Purulent lesions, rashes, various types of fungi, oily skin, clogged pores and pimples - is a problem that is not always easy to solve with modern cosmetic scrubs and masks with additives and fragrances.

Black cumin oil has an antiseptic effect on the skin, it promotes the speedy regeneration and healing .In order to cure warts, various dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema, you need a small amount of oil to smear the affected skin.You can mix and sesame, linseed oil or cedar for better effect.

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Black cumin or fennel flower - a plant with a long history, which is mentioned in the works of Avicenna.Now that you can get anything you want, room for treatment, prevention and prevention of different diseases abound.This means that in your first-aid kit should soon see a small bottle of oil of black cumin - just in case.In addition, there is a reason to learn a couple of recipes with the addition of fennel flower.Your culinary arsenal original recipes will not be denied.Be of good cheer!

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