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How to dry the cherries?

happens that harvest their own land so high that you do not know where to put it.Already cooked and stewed fruit and jam.Still, the crop does not dry out.Therefore, when it comes to fruit, many have resorted to freezing or drying.

In this article we will talk about how to dry cherries.

Useful Properties Cherry

To begin not be amiss to say that with proper drying useful properties cherries almost lost , and remain unchanged.

And what is useful, this juicy delicious berry?

  1. The cherries contain bactericides , so it treats domestic lingering inflammation.
  2. Contained in the fruits of cherry and substance which reduces blood clotting .It is therefore useful for the prevention of blood cherry atherosclerosis.
  3. for the prevention and treatment of anemia also resorted to a delicious berry.It is rich in iron.
  4. Furthermore, cherry contains many vitamins (C, B1, B6) and trace elements (magnesium, copper, cobalt and others).
  5. Scientists have found that in the fruit cherries contained substances that p
    revent the formation of cancer cells.
  6. Berries have a mild laxative effect , which is useful for pregnant women, especially given the presence of iron.
  7. Cherry Red is associated in people's blood, but it's not just.After Cherry good effect on the cardiovascular system .

The benefits of cherries can talk a lot. It finds its application in folk medicine and in cooking and even cosmetics. more information in the article can be pochitati Cherry: useful properties.

Now you need to figure out how to properly dry the cherries, so that it retained the useful properties of those, which are mentioned above.

How to dry cherries outdoors?

Ideally, of course, dried cherries outdoors - in the sun.

If you have the opportunity, spread berries on a dense fabric and place the fabric on a sunny warm place.Dried cherries in a few days.But at night because of the temperature drop, fog cherry with a cloth on which it is dried, transferred to the house in a warm place.In the morning, as soon as the sun began to bake, it once again endure.So find such material, a fabric that you feel comfortable wearing it a cherry out of the house and vice versa.

Outdoors dried cherries are best, and keep the most nutrients. However, this method could only be dried cherries with pits.If you remove the seeds from the berries, the smell of cherries to fly off the insects. Cherry outdoors need to dry the whole, intact.

How to dry cherry at home?

  • For drying cherries used in the home, of course, the oven, since the room temperature can not be compared with the temperature of the solar space outdoors.
  • Before drying berries need to go through that was not damaged cherries (the same goes for drying and outdoors).
  • oven temperature adjusted to about 60 ° C, and dried cherries 2 hours. Then the temperature was raised to 80 ° degrees C and then dried for 2-3 hours. Then, return the old temperature.
  • drying in the home will take you about 8 hours.

  • However, if you dry the cherries, pitted, you'll need more time three times.
  • into account the fact that you can not completely cover the cherries in the oven.The oven door should always be slightly ajar, or berries from the high humidity steamed.

How to determine whether dried cherries?

This issue - the most frequently asked.Especially if dried cherries at home.

Outdoors, in the sun, usually dry up the cherries are not afraid.For full readiness must be a few days - from 5 to 8. However, it all depends on the air temperature and the degree of exposure to the sun.Determine the

, dried cherries definitively whether your , as follows:

  1. click on a few berries - a well-dried cherry juice should not be allocated;
  2. look at the color of the fruit - well dried berries are dark brown with some reddish tint;
  3. try dried berries taste - it should be sweet and sour.

's all recommendations for proper drying cherries with preserving its useful properties.Dried cherries can be added to baked goods, meals and drinks.Bon Appetit!

Especially for - Margo

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