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How to marinate onions?

Onions - very useful for the health of the plant.It is often used in various dishes to give them a bit edgy special taste and aroma.The taste of fresh onions ordinary familiar to everyone since childhood. And what if you try to marinate it?You get a perfect complement to your dishes with specific spicy and slightly sour taste .

How to marinate the onion for the salad?

For this is useful to you glass container.It is necessary to place four onions, cut into rings.Before the bow will be in the vessel must be scalded with boiling water.Otherwise, the onions will taste bitter.Four tablespoons devyatiprotsentnogo vinegar, one teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of sugar placed in one liter of cold boiled water.Pour prepared marinade prepared onion and leave for two hours in a cool place. In this salad onion added as a spice to your taste.

Pickled onions in vinegar

Please cut into half rings two or three onions.Then, fill it with warm boiled water, add devyatiprotsentnuyu acetic acid (one tablespoo

n of vinegar to a pint of water), salt, sugar and black pepper to taste.All this must be mixed thoroughly and cool for thirty minutes.In this recipe, vinegar can be easily replaced by the juice of one lemon.If your taste preferences allow, you can add different herbs to your taste.

Pickled onions with beets

in a glass jar to put one kilogram of onions, cut into rings, previously scalded him with boiling water.Then, in a jar with a bow must be placed sliced ​​beets.Marinade prepared from wine vinegar and water in a ratio of one to one.Pepper it and add salt to taste.Get pour marinade onions and beets and push all in the cold during the day. Onions, marinated in a way, can be served as a side dish to meat.

Spicy pickled onions

Half a kilo of red onion peel and cut into half rings.Then you need to scald it with boiling water and put in a deep ceramic bowl.Add finely chopped garlic (three cloves), coriander (a quarter of a teaspoon), red and black pepper to taste (maybe replace curried), sugar in an amount of one teaspoon, as well as salt.All of this pour vegetable oil, whose necessary hundred milliliters.Then diluted in a glass of water a tablespoon of vinegar and add devyatiprotsentnogo solution in the marinade.Thoroughly mix and let stand in refrigerator for an hour.

How to marinate onions in Georgian?

Dip in boiling water four peeled onions for three minutes.Then, from the need to cool, cut into rings and put in a ceramic bowl.Wine vinegar diluted with water at a ratio of one to one.Add a solution of salt and various seasoning to taste, e.g., cloves, coriander, cinnamon, bay leaf.Get prepared onions pour the marinade and let stand in the refrigerator for about three hours.

Pickling onions Asian-

Half a kilo of medium onions clean, pour over boiling water and put in a jar.For the marinade is necessary to mix five tablespoons skhogo rose wine with the same amount of vodka or sake, add two hundred milliliters of rice vinegar and four tablespoons of sugar.Put the mixture on fire and bring to a boil stirring constantly.Pour the marinade over the onion to receive and close the jar.Having waited until the bank has cooled, place it in the refrigerator and leave it for one hour.

Select the recipe to his taste, and remember that you yourself can experiment with this dish. Pickled onions - is not only tasty and spicy supplement to a variety of meat and fish dishes, and salads.It's tasty and healthy treat distinctive.

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