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Saffron: useful properties and applications

Saffron - a very useful plant.Its scope is wide.It is used in cosmetics, and in cooking, and in medicine.W it is so useful saffron and what its use?

Saffron: useful properties and applications in medicine

  • positive impact of saffron has the eyes and vision.It enhances the visual cells and their normal functioning.
  • Saffron helps relieve digestive problems.
  • widely used saffron and those who suffer from asthma.
  • When insomnia saffron provides excellent support, it helps to cope with this problem.
  • saffron is particularly effective for painful menstruation and various failures of the menstrual cycle.
  • Saffron also cope with colds and various inflammatory processes.
  • Saffron way to get rid of depression.
  • Saffron is an excellent analgesic, anticonvulsant.In addition, he is an excellent cure for headaches and inflammation of the ears.

  • Saffron perfectly purifies blood, nourishes the human cardiovascular system.
  • researchers found, and proved that turmeric is able to deal effectively with the form
    ation of cancer cells.
  • Saffron is able to improve memory in large part, to activate the growth of brain cells.
  • Thanks substances contained in saffron, he effectively fights against aging, tones the body.
  • Saffron enhances potency and erectile function.
  • This plant is able to quickly heal burns and reduce the impact of radiation on the human body.
  • Saffron effectively remove bile from the body, improves metabolism, has a strong expectorant, helps combat dry cough.
  • This plant is able to make a positive impact in the treatment of liver, can calm the nervous system, increases and improves appetite.
  • Saffron is part of the approximately three hundred drugs of oriental medicine.

Saffron: useful properties and applications in cosmetology

Saffron - a miracle plant.Precisely because of this it is included in the composition of cosmetic products absolutely all the world's leading manufacturers of care products for body, skin and hair.Cosmetics, having in its composition saffron, able to provide a truly magical impact.

  • If you use a face cream with saffron, the complexion becomes uniform, shining, smoothed almost all wrinkles disappear forever acne and various skin spots. Such properties of the plant due to the fact that its active ingredients are able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, and to "work" at the intracellular level, thereby hydrating the skin and improving its structure.
  • care products with the content of saffron are very expensive, but you can prepare yourself a rejuvenating face mask with saffron.To do this you need to take natural homemade milk and saffron in a ratio of 1: 1.Mix the ingredients and infuse for half an hour.Then apply makeup on the face, neck and decollete.Hold the mask should be about twenty minutes and then rinse with warm water.
  • can prepare themselves and another mask with saffron for deep moisturizing the skin.To do this, take 1 tspsaffron, the same amount of honey and the same amount of sour cream.Keep the mask should be twenty minutes, rinse with warm water.Other tips for moisturizing dry skin you can see in the article Caring for dry skin.
  • creams and facials with saffron have a pronounced anti-aging properties .The skin is the same as that of a baby.

Saffron is part of the overwhelming majority of known cosmetic products: creams, face masks, shampoos, body lotions, and more.

Saffron: useful properties and used in cooking

  • Saffron is actively used in cooking, as excellent flavor seasoning. Seasoning this very strong, so its one gram is enough for a long period of time.
  • order not to spoil the taste of the finished dish, it is best to soak the saffron in a little water or milk, then add the liquid to the dish.
  • Saffron able gradually to reveal their taste, such as pastry with saffron will be even more fragrant the next day.
  • Saffron is considered to be the ideal condiment for baking, dairy foods, sweet sauces, creams, ice cream, jelly and mousse.
  • the East traditionally used saffron for cooking meat dishes, rice and chicken dishes.
  • special flavor give a touch of saffron pilaf with sweet dried fruit.
  • This seasoning used in cooking cauliflower, fish dishes, tomatoes, tinted clear broth, coloring butter and some cheese, add as a seasoning, some soft drinks.
  • In some countries, saffron is added to coffee and tea.He gives the drink an interesting flavor and aroma.
  • If you use saffron in the manufacture of any food, it is best not to add to it other seasonings.But if the addition of other spices is very necessary, it is possible to combine the saffron and basil, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme and coriander.
  • adding saffron to any dish, be very careful, because it is likely that you add too much, then the dish will become bitter.
  • Interesting fact: classic use of saffron in cooking a dish of risotto .

Saffron: contraindications

Saffron can not eat those people which is characterized by high blood pressure, those who has diabetes and pregnant women.

In addition, in any case can not be used saffron in a large number , or you may be severe poisoning or death.

How to choose and store saffron?

Saffron is better to buy from reliable sellers, may you recommend it familiar.This saffron is dark orange or red shades.

Pay attention to the fact that at present saffron will always be a high price. Do not fall for the tricks of dishonest vendors offering low price of saffron.You risk to buy a fake.Determine whether you are a real bought saffron or fake can very simple - soak the saffron in a little warm milk or water.From fake saffron water will turn right, from the present - for fifteen minutes.

Independently better not to collect saffron, has false plants, like saffron, but are poisonous. Store bought saffron be in a sealed container in a cool dry place no more than one year.

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Saffron - a truly wonderful plant.And if you gradually add it to the various dishes, used in medical and cosmetic purposes, you can avoid many diseases , become more attractive.

Be beautiful and healthy!

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