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How to make ketchup at home?

Ketchup homemade 100% natural, it is very useful for health. This sauce can not be compared with the store, and the price is much cheaper.

Originally the Chinese invented ketchup, then it was not a single gram of tomato.Chinese ketchup was a mixture of mushrooms, fish, herbs and beans.But ketchup, which we used to eat was invented after numerous experiments, cooking, so do not be afraid to try something new in the kitchen!

ketchup basis - is tomatoes that ripened naturally, so homemade ketchup contains vitamins K, C, P, PP, as well as ascorbic acid. Despite the useful properties of tomatoes, there are recommendations not to use ketchup at least six months before the young couples conceiving a child.

Well, when we learned about the history of ketchup and useful properties, it is time to find out how he prepares!

homemade ketchup Ingredients:

  1. Tomatoes - 2.5kg
  2. Water - 100 ml
  3. salt- 1st.l.
  4. vinegar 9% - 100ml
  5. Starch - 3 tbsp
  6. spices to taste: pepper, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg

homemade ketchup Preparation:

  • Tomatoes take fleshy, red, which is well kept up.Washed out in warm water twice and cut in an enamel pot.Add water and start to cook the tomatoes until they are tender (should bounce peel).
  • When they have cooled down a bit, you have to rub them through a sieve.You should get a thick tomato juice.Then put all the spices on the tip of a knife, salt, sugar, vinegar and cook for about 1.5 hours, stirring occasionally.
  • for density need to add starch, so Mould 2-3 glasses of tomato juice into a deep cup.Dissolve starch in cold water (half a cup) until smooth.Mix the starch first with two glasses of juice and then pour in the total capacity.Boil for another half hour, try the taste.Well, that ketchup is ready!Cools it and poured into jars.

Bon appetit, cook with pleasure!

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