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Fruit mustard

Translated from the Italian mostarda di frutta means fruit mustard.Habitually just call it briefly Mostarda.This condiment and seasoning originally Italian cuisine.Fruit Mustard can serve not only as seasoning but also garnish to many dishes of classic Italian cuisine.Fruit mustard is also used for sandwiches. What is the fruit mustard?The answer is simple: it is pickled fruits in syrup with mustard.

What makes fruit mustard?

  • To prepare Mostarda can take almost any kind of fruit.
  • most common for fruit mustard are apricots, grapes, quince, pumpkin.No less popular fruit mustard from apples and pears, oranges, tangerines and lemons.
  • Besides fruit puree and mustard are needed for cooking, as a rule, white wine, honey and spices.From spices suit cloves, cinnamon, fresh lemon juice, red hot pepper, black hot pepper, vinegar, nuts.
  • To prepare the fruit puree is best to choose the most sweet fruit.So you soften the taste of mustard.The fruit should be ripe and juicy.Using the unripe fruit, we have to a
    dd sugar.However, not all people can afford to let it in large quantities.
  • can use more than one piece of fruit, but several.Moreover, the proportions may be different themselves.By varying the proportions and the presence of fruit, you can control the taste of Mostarda.

cooking tips fruit mustard

  • Before preparing fruits are carefully selected (to avoid missing the fruit), well washed and peeled.
  • for raw foodists choose juicy and soft fruits, so they will not have to cook as solid.
  • Depending on your desires, you can use for cooking fruit puree grater, juicer, blender or food processor.

  • Then add mustard fruit weight, a little sugar and salt to taste, olive oil or any other vegetable oil.You can optionally add freshly squeezed lemon juice and cinnamon.
  • Stir, add the vinegar.
  • When adding spices or seasonings, do it gently.Add a little and try to taste.Podbavit better then than to overdo anything and spoil the whole recipe.
  • mustard powder takes some time to dissolve.Therefore, it is best to prepare in advance, the bay powder with water for several hours before cooking Mostarda.
  • Keep fruit mustard advised in the refrigerator for two days.
  • addition to the usual fruit mustard, you can find recipes for canned Mostarda.It can only have a month or two.
  • fruit mustard can be bought in the store, but homemade is much more useful and better and more useful.

Fruit mustard pumpkin

This recipe canned Mostarda for us will be very simple and tasty.

  • you need : 750 gr.pumpkin;100 gr.honey;0.75 liter of dry white wine;0.5 h. L.mustard powder;pepper (peas);salt to taste.
  • method for preparing : Wash the pumpkin well and clean it from the skin.Choose from pumpkin seeds.The flesh cut into small kubichki.Fill them with water in a saucepan, place over medium heat.Cook for 15 minutes until half - 20. Pour the water from the pan.Pumpkin dry.In another pan, pour the wine, put the mustard, honey, pepper and salt to taste.Stir.All it simmer until thick.Cooked cooked pumpkin pieces spread out in banks and pour the prepared syrup.Well cooked fruit mustard (already in closed containers) for a couple of roughly half an hour.Mostarda can eat this in a month.It is stored in a dark cool place.This recipe is suitable for boiled meat.

homemade fruit mustard

  • you need : 750 grams of apples and pears;4 lemon;0.5 kg of white grapes, 400 g of mustard;0.5 liters of white wine;4 cinnamon sticks.
  • method for preparing : well washed apples and pears, peel them from the skin and core.Do not throw away the peel and core, they need to cook with lemon zest, white wine and cinnamon.After 10 minutes, remove from heat wine broth.Cool.The flesh of apples and pears cut into small cubes.Wash the grapes, cut each grape in half and remove pits.Add the apples and pears, pour the lemon juice.Strain through a sieve wine broth.Pour the fruit and cook them for 10 minutes.Before boiling, add mustard.Fruit mustard is ready for use.It only remains cool.This recipe is suitable for poultry meat and ham.

Fruit mustard to taste various unusual and useful, if it is to cook at home.

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