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Shambhala - the spice that cures

mysterious name hides spice, which has a unique taste and flavor with bitterness.It gives a thick broth and soups, spicy dishes and other fried appetizers appetizing aroma.What is it and what beneficial and curative effect of this exotic spice fenugreek?

Shambhala , and in another fenugreek or fenugreek , - a plant of the legume family, having a spicy aromatic properties.In ancient times, the beautiful spruce roasted fenugreek seeds to hair and body looked possible better .


fenugreek seeds spices contain fiber and starch, sugar and essential oils, proteins and proteins, and essential enzymes.It is rich in potassium and calcium, magnesium and sodium, zinc, and phosphorus.The composition of fenugreek are all priceless to nasaminokisloty.Vitaminy A and B, C, PP and A are also in it in large quantities.As valuable source of iron and proteins Shambhala helps nourish the bone marrow cells , blood, reproductive organs and nerves .

Medicinal properties of fenugreek

  1. Shambhala is useful for strengthening the immune system and at the time of recovery.
  2. Helps to release fat and mucus from the body.
  3. Clears the intellect and the body, warming her warm energy.
  4. can have a positive effect on the urinary, digestive and respiratory systems.
  5. As a decoction, powder or tincture is used in dropsy and chronic cough, dysentery and dispersion, allergies and wounds, toothache and neuralgia, gout and arthritis, lung disease and diabetes, tubercular wounds and fistulas, flu and bronchitis.
  6. Shambhala helps to normalize heart function, peristalsis irabotu pancreas.

Healing infusion and tea from fenugreek

To prepare the infusion of fenugreek should be 2 teaspoons of seeds pour 100 ml boiling water, wait until the seeds are soft and swell.Seeds eat with honey and drink the infusion.To become edible seeds, you can simply soak them overnight in warm water.

fenugreek tea is prepared as follows: 2 teaspoons of seeds add a glass of water and cook on low heat for 15 minutes.3 times a day take honey.Tea helps clean the intestines, kidneys izheludok if egopit regularly vashetelo will vsegdaimet wonderful smell.

Who can use the Shambhala?

  • If vaginal bleeding and pregnancy is forbidden to use fenugreek.
  • most useful Shambhala elderly people and women.

use fenugreek in cooking

Dried fenugreek seeds are used as a spice.The aroma and taste of this spice - a bitter-sweet and strong enough.Before adding to the dish, you must grind the seeds and fry until light brown.It can be added to sauces, meat and vegetable dishes, salads, main dishes, snacks and dishes from beans.The pea, mushroom, potato and onion soups it is most good.Soups fenugreek gives lasting fragrance.Ground fenugreek seeds can be added to adjika.

Shambhala is included in the mixture of spices and curry "hops-suneli."It is widely used in India and Asia.Has not only unusual taste and aroma, but also has a healing effect on the body.

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