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Star anise: used in cooking and useful properties

Budyan - fruit of the tree that is used as a spice .Pretty rare spice that we use, but no less useful and tasty than the ones we already know.Other names for this spice - Chinese, stellate, Siberia, the ship and the Indian anise.His smell like the smell of anise.The fruits are like big stars with brown seeds inside.

Ingredients anise

If you ever take medication "Pertusin" cough, then anise flavor you know.It is astringent, bitter-sweet and tangy.Through its member fatty and essential oils, proteins, and an infusion of anise broth when you cough and phlegm output.For children for coughs decoction of anise is simply irreplaceable.Its constituent anethol helps carminative and has antispasmodic properties.And the essential oil is able to strengthen intestinal peristalsis.

Healing properties of anise

In using this spice in small quantities, you will offer a stimulating effect on your digestion, remove spasms in the intestine.Large doses of anise can excite the nervous system.But the bath w

ith the addition of anise oil conversely, soothe and strengthen the nervous system.He also has a carminative, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action.Will the loss of appetite and cramping, indigestion and dysentery, facial paralysis and breath, rheumatoid arthritis.

Budyan - antigrippoznoe powerful natural remedy. It will help restore missing or hoarse voice.Illiciaceae tea helps children with diarrhea and loss of appetite, calm at a time when teething.

Contraindications to the use of anise

Do not abuse this seasoning during pregnancy, and when there is an individual intolerance.

Budyan culinary

Budyan used to prepare teas and compotes, sauces and desserts.Added to dough, a cookie.Used in the preparation of jam from cherries, gooseberries, apples, pears and plums.It is perfect to add flavor razlichnymmussam, puddings, jelly.He's very good for baking cakes because of cherries and cherry jam, because perfectly combined with cherries.

When cooking jam improves its flavor enhances the flavor gives freshness and helps maintain the natural color and vysokoekachestvo jam.Thanks Dittany jam 3 years not zasaharivaetsya.Tvorozhnym star anise spice pastes give a refined, spicy and tonkiyaromat.Spice star anise is also added and the preparation of gravy and sauces for rice and vegetable dishes, used as a component for marinades.

Drink of anise

To make a drink that perfectly satisfies thirst in hot weather, roll star anise in boiled water and let stand for 3 hours.

use anise in cooking

Budyan grind just before use.In it lay the dough just before baking.For desserts enough - 2 cloves.In the pelvis jam - 1 asterisk.The overabundance of anise can give the dish bitter.Store it in a dry dark place in a dense glass container.The main feature of anise - it begins to transfer its flavor to the finished product when heated.When the food comes from the aroma, then your dish is ready, you can get.

Because the star anise can be widely used in the preparation of various dishes, and at the same time has healing properties, it is worthy to take its place on our table.

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