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Cardamom: useful properties and applications

Cardamom - one of the most popular, useful and tasty spices.

Cooks withdrawn his third place after spices such as saffron and vanilla.


cardamom Cardamom - a perennial herb of the ginger family.It has strong fleshy rhizomes.Stems are erect, reaching a height of three meters.Flower in the form of a butterfly, a yellow color.Fruit - trёhgnёzdnaya box.Different varieties of cardamom fruits vary in shape, color and size.Seeds of fragrant black.

composition cardamom

All the benefits of cardamom is its seeds. That they share medical svoystva.Oni contain about five percent essential oil. The oils are important trace elements and vitamins: sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, potassium and B vitamins in , vitamin A etc.

Medicinal properties of cardamom

  • Cardamom - first assistant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Cardamom helps with bloating, improves appetite.
  • Cardamom helps eliminate bad breath.
  • Fruits of cardamom is used for colds, flu.It helps
    a cough.
  • Women cardamom - loyal assistant, it eases pain before and during menstruation.Furthermore, it eliminates the headache.
  • pregnancy also useful cardamom.Chewing cardamom seeds, you can get rid of nausea during toxicosis.
  • chewing the seeds, we can help the heart, breath freshening.
  • cardamom essential oil revitalizes, reduces the feeling of lethargy and apathy.
  • Use and cardamom in the treatment of skin diseases, as well as obesity.
  • widely used cardamom in cooking.Cardamom - is, above all, the spice.The spice coffee.
  • use cardamom as a tasty addition to food, we are helping to toning heart, we strengthen our nervous system and the immune system.
  • Kardamon- good tool for the prevention of view, only a small caveat: in a duet with honey.
  • with pain in the throat to help cope rinse infusion of cardamom and cinnamon.

cardamom to improve digestion

For this simple and effective prescription you need : 20 gr.cardamom, cumin, and the same 10 grams.fennel.

method for preparing : Pour all the ingredients of a mixture of boiled water and let stand for twenty minutes.Consumed 100 ml as required.About

use cardamom for weight loss, read the article Cardamom for weight loss.

Cheers!Use the gifts of nature and natural medicine!

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