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The beneficial properties of cinnamon

Pleasant and sweet aroma of cinnamon associated with the warmth and comfort of home.One of the best times of the year for the use of cinnamon is winter, because Cinnamon not only tastes good, but also helps to keep warm during the cold season.The structure of many winter recipes include cinnamon.It is used in the preparation of various dishes, added to chocolate, rice pudding.Cinnamon spice cakes, meat and cocktails.But it is not only tasty but also very useful .

How useful cinnamon?

Cinnamon will be useful for the treatment of hair loss and hair breakage.It will improve the digestive process, strengthen the stomach, will stimulating and toning effects.Cinnamon is able to relieve muscle and tooth pain.Stems of cinnamon used for viral diseases and high temperatures.Fees, which include cinnamon, help with nervousness, chronic bronchitis, decreased appetite and performance, circulatory failure.

Application cinnamon aromatherapy

smell of cinnamon helps in treating depression, insecurity, fear and e

ven removing the improvement of creative inspiration. promotes self-esteem, positive attitude appearance, eradicate grievances.

Cinnamon essential oil is considered a strong aphrodisiac .Using cinnamon oil for rubbing and massage can relieve spasms, eliminate pain in the joints and muscles.The scent of cinnamon will do a better mental work, and warm to perform Exercise.

This useful cinnamon?

Cinnamon will be useful to almost everyone, especially the elderly .Its composition contains iron, magnesium, calcium and dietary fiber.Cinnamon is useful for prevention of heart disease, diabetes.For this a day should eat 250 mg of cinnamon .Also in its composition contains special antioxidants normalizing insulin sensitivity.Reducing the risk of development of diabetes with obesity, cinnamon reduces the risk of heart disease.People who have suffered a heart attack, cinnamon can help reduce the risk of recurrence.

beneficial properties of cinnamon in the fight against cholesterol and arthritis

to reduce the level of cholesterol in the arteries and prevention of heart attack every day for breakfast, eat a sandwich with honey and cinnamon powder.This breakfast is a way to strengthen the heart muscle and respiratory system.To combat general weakness, improve joint mobility, concentration is taken daily in the morning on an empty stomach and after 15.00 Article 0.5.spoons of honey with Article 0.5.spoon of cinnamon, diluted in a glass of water.For struggle with arthritis every day, morning and evening drink 1 glass of warm water with 1 tsp. Cinnamon and 2 tablespoons.spoons of honey.

Benefits of Cinnamon for immunity

  • daily intake of cinnamon with honey will help to strengthen the body's defenses and protect against viruses and bacteria.
  • tea with cinnamon and honey, to drink 4 times a day for ¼ cup is able to delay the onset of old age and keep your skin soft and fresh.To make it, you need to boil 1 spoonful of cinnamon 3 cups of boiling water, cool and add 4 tablespoons of honey.
  • if you just, take a day 4 x ¼ tsp. Ground cinnamon with 1 tbsp.spoon of warm honey.This will help cure the common cold, cough, and even chronic nasal passages release.
  • When inflammation of the bladder should be stir 2 tbsp.tablespoons cinnamon, 1 tsp. of honey in a glass of warm water.
  • If a toothache, mix 5 hours. Tablespoons of honey and 1 tsp. Cinnamon and put on a tooth.Repeat until the pain subsides.

beneficial properties of cinnamon for female beauty

  • If you are concerned about hair loss, do the following mask.Take 1 tsp. Cinnamon, 1 tbsp.of olive oil and honey.Slightly heat the oil and add the cinnamon and honey, followed by a good place.Before you wash your hair Spread the roots of the hair mask and leave for 15 minutes.Then rinse your hair with warm water and wash your hair as usual.

  • the presence of acne can make a mask of 1h.spoon of cinnamon and 3 tablespoons.spoons of honey.This mixture lubricate the pimples before sleeping and in the morning wash off with warm water.
  • To always proceeded from the mouth of a pleasant smell in the morning gargle with a solution of warm cinnamon and honey.
  • to treat skin infections: fungi, eczema and others - Mix honey and cinnamon in equal proportions and apply on diseased skin.

Simple recipes of drinks with cinnamon

  • When the weather is very cold, warm up will help tea with cinnamon. To prepare, take one strip of orange peel 1 cinnamon stick.Pour boiling cinnamon and leave for 10 minutes.Then add to the infusion of zest and black tea.Bring to a boil and infusion tea is ready.
  • to combat obesity prepare Kefir drink .You will need the yogurt and ground cinnamon.Add the cinnamon and stir in yogurt.
  • Cinnamon is an important part in the preparation of the "Vienna" coffee.Take 3 cinnamon sticks, allspice 7 peas, carnations 6 pieces, 2 liters of water, freshly ground coffee and whipped cream.Make coffee, spices pour boiling water.Add the broth of spices coffee and continue to cook on.After leave the mixture for 15 minutes to infuse.Before you drink coffee, strain it and pour into cups.Garnish with whipped cream and cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon has many useful properties.It has beneficial effects on the immune system and the heart, helps in the fight against diabetes, will be indispensable in case of problems with the stomach and the cold.It can be used as a spice for various dishes and cooking with it a variety of drinks, which will not only help to keep warm, but also to fight disease.And its use together with honey can cure many diseases.

If you take 1 tsp. Cinnamon 1 tbsp.spoon of honey 3 times a day for a month, then it can help to win even such diseases as cancer of the bones and stomach.Equally useful cinnamon and as a preventive agent capable of reducing the risk of diabetes and heart attack.With Technical contents are subject cinnamon so useful for human health, it simply has to be always at hand.

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