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Bride price in the style of medicine

There are a lot of scenarios, how to spend the bride price.Each of them is interesting in its own way, but the choice can be stopped on one that would be closer to the groom or bride for their professional activities.It will be for them understandable and interesting, because each profession has its own characteristics and jokes. If the groom is in the field of medicine, bride, made in a style will be the best way it is perceived and cheer up everyone present. To make it as best you can, you can only select the desired scenario.

Bride price: medical consultation

  • To organize such redemption prepare a sheet on which in large letters write "Quarantine".Once the groom drive up to the entrance, it must meet a girlfriend, dressed in white robes.
  • When the bride will come to him, declaring that need to be disinfected.To do this, use a syringe without a needle and some juice or sugar water and vitamins that hide in a jar labeled "Viagra".Ask, it whether a patient who fell ill in love .Then you need to describe the symptoms of love, say about rapid pulse, pallor, a strange smile.Give drink juice and eat a vitamin.
  • At the end say that the groom be viewed.Note the direction of his examination, but remind them that need insurance, which urgently need to pay.
  • Here the conversation comes another eye doctor who offers to see the numbers and say what they mean.Write the numbers on the poster, which mean age of the bride, the day of the meeting, the age of the groom, birthday, wedding day.If he makes a mistake, you have to pay a ransom.

  • Then you can offer to paint a portrait of the bride, the therapist can evaluate the strength of feeling.After the need to turn to friends to learn about the qualities of the groom, and do it in the name of the doctor-genetics.
  • should now come forward girlfriend, plays the role of doctor-Laurent.It offers groom shout that he loves the bride, to check the throat and ears.Poor shout - so you have to pay.At the end of
  • says physician, who concludes that, despite the consultation conducted by the groom and his terminally ill diagnosis - in love forever .We need to write a prescription for leaf, which specify the name of the bride.

Bride price in the style of the medical examination

  • Every man for once in your life passed a medical examination and obtain a driver's license, and employment for work. Family life may also require a medical examination, which can be carried out when the bride price. Suggest groom to the bride price, the most fun to pass medical check-up life.
  • Prepare white robes, a tonometer, an eyedropper, a medical spatula, stethoscope, glass syringes.Do not forget to carrot juice, vitamins.The groom comes to the door, where he was waylaid girlfriends in white coats.
  • girl who stethoscope, should listen to the bride and said that he was not feeling well.She writes a referral to another doctor.First, it examines the ENT and gives the task to sing a song of love.Do not want to sing, the groom must pay a ransom and go to another doctor.

  • Another ophthalmologist may use a dart.He asks to close one eye and throw a dart.On the board can be pasted targets or obligations of marriage her husband.Let the bridegroom selects the desired target.He notes that the patient is worried because of love and can not hit the target.Therefore, he should eat carrots to improve vision and move on to another doctor.
  • neurologist examines the bridegroom and said that he was very excited.To establish a diagnosis, the groom need to pass the study.He can be shown on the poster traces of lips, and he had to guess where his lips of the bride.Do not guess, let him pay a fine.
  • After examining doctors get together and take out a verdict - love. required medication for a quick recovery - CPR, which should make the bride immediately .

Bride price: the treatment of incurable diseases

  • lack of love can be called incurable disease.Therefore, it must be treated to an incurable disease became love.Take 4 robe, medical hammer, stick to the throat, a circle with a hole and a stethoscope as Dr. Dr. Dolittle, candy, markers, paper and vitamins.For doctors prepare glasses without glasses, preferably with a circular rim.
  • first stage of the script will be coming to the house.Doctors look at the witnesses and say they need to drink the medication along with the groom.Pour juice them.
  • therapist says that the groom is terminally ill, and he needed help.His sad eyes, rapid pulse and pallor - is definitely longing to cure you want to be treated in special physicians.
  • The second stage: the groom enters the staircase and rises to the first floor, where it is waiting for the first doctor.He wants to test his vision and provides a declaration of love to read the fine print.If you do not see, I have to pay.Preliminary results - longing diminished.

  • groom witnesses rises to the apartment.Here he expects a neurologist.He asks to examine the knee of the bride and starts pounding on the knee, feeling the pulse.Interested, not an artist if the groom and gives him a poster with a pencil.Blindfolded and asked to draw a bride.Seeing the resulting figure, neurologist sends groom to another doctor for a complete treatment.
  • third doctor, I am waiting at the entrance to the apartment, waiting to inspect the throat.With thoughtfully examines a patient.To make sure that the treatment will help, ask the witness to sing the song of the bride and devoted fiancée.Song should be prepared earlier.The doctor writes and reads that for final treatment must take medication every day, and one medicine - comes the bride to the groom.

wedding to be memorable, arrange the ransom so that the fun was had by all, and especially the groom.Bride price in the style of medicine is the best choice for this.

lot of interesting ideas you will find in the article Bride price in Thiele GAI.Good mood for you!

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