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Bride price in the style of the SAI

to the process of the bride price must be approached very seriously and creatively at the same time.It's an integral part of a wedding celebration. There are many possible scenarios of foreclosure .What did not come up bridesmaids and guests to arrange the groom interesting and formidable obstacles to his beloved.Insidious girlfriend did not even time to get off on the traffic police not to give away the bride is too simple.But the bridegroom, who courageously stand all tests prepared it surely deserves to become the best husband in the world bride.

What is necessary for the bride price in the style of the SAI?

Let's start with a description of the required elements, because without them the impression of the redemption is complete.So, for the bride price in the style of GAI:

  • Get a form of inspection service staff.Of course, it is better to get this form, but if such an opportunity you do not, do not despair.Make caps of blue paper, and try on the blue skirts and jacket.As such, you will go for
    quite cute GAIshnits.
  • else you will need rods.With these problems should not arise at all.This attribute of the traffic service is easy to make your own paper white, pasted on her black streaks or paint them the same color as a marker.The funnier you make your guards, the better.

  • order to cordon off the area, you will need the traditional red and white ribbon.Her you can buy in the stationery store.If you experience trouble with the search, make e independently paints red linen rope.
  • in any store where there are children or sporting goods, you can get your desired whistle.
  • find a radio-controlled toy car.If there is no such, and fit the machine on a string.
  • also need to prepare in advance a sheet, which will be transferred to the dignity of the bride.And word it should be a continuous text written without spaces.
  • you need a magnifying glass.
  • On a sheet of paper, write the most important dates.They need to write diagonally, upside down, you can mirror and crooked.
  • you need to be and soap bubbles.
  • Do not forget the driving license.Crust can be purchased at kiosks Rospechat.
  • rope, leather, box, chair, toy cars.Their search should not cause you much trouble.
  • blue bucket will not be superfluous.
  • threads, ropes, needles, scissors (several pieces), tape (regular and two-way), the knife is also urgently needed.
  • signs need to secure the stick (about 10 pcs.) Length of about 1.5 meters.
  • big folder with folding plates and a bottle of mineral water is also useful.

Participants in the style of the bride price GAI

  1. bridesmaids (several people) for the role of the inspectors DPS
  2. doctor
  3. Mechanic

Making the bride price in the style of GAI

to bride price inGAI style was interesting, you need to properly arrange the territory .It is important not to overlook the details.

  • To start you need to place the signs, which must be pre-mounted on sticks.At the entrance you must replace "brick", and the entry of a striped tape cordoned off.
  • blue bucket is useful to you to decorate the car, which will be the inspector.

  • Be prepared folder, which will be a receipt, a whistle, and the rod handle.It is ready to hold and bubbles .They need you for a second test.
  • for doctors and nurses need to put two chairs.Alley for reverse parking, too, need to prepare.It is necessary to draw a chalk pocket and pictures of clubs, girls fishing, alcohol and the like need to be expanded.Do not forget the placards with numbers and words, and a magnifying glass.You must also not forget about the mechanics and to prepare in advance for a box of tools.This box should contain the details to create a "machine."

essence script ransom style GAI is that the bridesmaids, reincarnated in DPS employees, meet the groom and friends on a makeshift office.Employees are required to verify the adequacy of the groom and the ability to stand at the helm of the future family.Only then passed it to the bride.

test for the groom Inspection

Improvised better organize traffic police post somewhere far away from the entrance to the house or porch.Do not forget to place signs.When the car reached the cordon, the groom should go to Inspector folder.The task of the inspector is to inspect the machine for possible damage.The result of the inspection, he recorded.Having learned that the company was going to a wedding, the inspector should inspect the contents of the trunk to make the car groom.Found a variety of items, the inspector enters them into the protocol, and the groom asked to explain how these objects can help him in family life.If the groom refuses to explain it, the inspector takes the money from him, or prescribes a fine.

test for the groom Detour

path to the bride is covered with tape.The reason can be anything, such as road repair.Therefore, the groom need to avoid the object of a very narrow path without hurting a single peg.To make this operation it is awarded radio-controlled machine or a machine on a string.

test for the groom alcohol test

Bridegroom issued bubbles.His task - to inflate a large bubble.If the groom does not work, then he is not concentrated, and requires a medical examination (which is a favorable outcome and should also be required).

test for the groom medkabinete

in a medical office can be literally anything you want.You can take the groom to the drawn path and offer a "park."The process is that the groom has to go back to the track on which the scattered pictures with "masculine joys."The task of man is not come to them.Friends should prompt the groom, where to go.In some drawings, he still comes.The physician should prescribe it "Uspokoin" role played by a bottle of mineral water with glued name drug.

You can check vision and reaction.For this and handy lists with dates and sweet words.Since words are spelled continuous text, it will be difficult to read and consider the date and accurately remember them, and that complicated.

After the groom will take a medical examination, he should visit a mechanic.The mechanic has to offer him collect the car (more accurately, glue).The groom can guess that only need pay extra mechanics and he will do everything himself.If you do not guess, he'll have to glue everything yourself.Then you can make it that way, "roll up" to the bride on the new machine, and even music (singing must be the groom himself).

When all stages of bride price in the style of the traffic police will be completed, the groom presents the right to control his future mother-in-law family.

Look for new and original ideas in the article Bride price in the style of medicine.I Wish You Success!

Especially for - Marie Matveyuk

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