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The blessing of a son before the wedding

In ancient times it was believed that if the young do not get the blessing, then waits for their unhappy marriage.In our time, the young do not pay attention.Gone are the old rites and beliefs.Many young people live together for a long time, without asking permission from their parents and put them know of the desire to enter into marriage only after will assign an application to the registrar.

But now, increasingly, many couples after marriage officially decide to hold a wedding ceremony.That is why it becomes so important to bless the children before the wedding.

At all times the parental blessing is considered especially for my son and now becomes important enough before the wedding, so many parents need to know how well and at what point you need to bless his son in such a serious moment in life.

How to bless a son before the wedding?

accepted to give his son a blessing at a time when the young have reported his desire to marry - at the time of engagement. To do this, take the icon and three

times to cross children, pronouncing words with the wishes of a happy family life.Even if your son is a believer, bless him.A blessing if you are calling to action the love of God, his mercy and protection.Do you know the words of prayer or not, it does not matter, as long as they were filled with love and faith.God hears us, even when we do not talk.On the wedding day, before your son go for the bride, it is also necessary to bless.

What you need to speak, blessing his son before the wedding?

Say wise and kind words that you want to admonish his son and his future family. You have a great life experience, share it with my son.According to the faith, the blessing of God, which says a man expresses his love and dedication to their loved ones.It is intended to provide security and peace, protect from sorrows and enrich human.Here you are in your own words or a prayer open to your son a chance at a better life.Most importantly, all of your thoughts and words were from the heart and sincere.The power of words and thoughts recognized by all, even if you do it never thought of.It is so large that may harm, and bring great benefit.

Why should bless her son before the wedding?

happens that parents do not approve of the choice of his son, but he would not want to part with his beloved. And then the parents do not want to give his blessing in any way, refusing to recognize the right of the son of his choice.But it is wrong, whether you approve of the choice of their child or not, he did.In the end, one can not know what would be better, especially if you are not familiar closely with the chosen son.Besides resentment on the part of the son and daughter Parents will receive nothing in return.If mutual resentment accumulate, it will be difficult to reconcile.Also, his son should not rush into marriage, it is best to try to get to know each other better, and allow time for their parents to become better acquainted with his chosen, to understand what it is good.This will avoid problems with future wedding.

process blessing his son before the wedding

bless you have a son before the departure of the house of the bride. Parents should be close to one another just in front of his son.In the hands of the father should be an icon, which depicts Jesus Christ.According to religious books during the blessing of the son should kneel.First icon to baptize her son's father, and then passes it to the mother.She does the same thing.Son should cross your fingers and kiss the face of Christ on the icon.Parents who do not adhere to religious observance, or atheists, too, can bless his son, a son wished happiness and understanding in the future family.

religious word for blessing her son

You can say: "As the church is strong and indestructible, faith is strong and sweet mead and (son's name) to (name of bride) were strong and inseparable.Without each other, so as not to have been, we have not lived apart for a minute, a day to the day of the wedding table, as I read hex.Amen 3 times. "

Examples blessings son before the wedding

  1. «My dear son, addressing you in the future family life.We wish you happiness, love, health, family welfare and mutual understanding.Live in the name of love and kindness.I bless you in the close-knit family and a happy marriage! "
  2. «Dear (name of the son)!I bless you in the friendly and strong family.Live in the name of good.Honor and protect his wife.Live in friendship and peace, harmony and love to people the joy and happiness for yourself!Let your house will be prosperity and peace, and in your family sounds of children's laughter! "
  3. «Today, I wish you happiness, May God protect you from bad weather and storms, disease, pain, and human language, from the difficult years and intolerable misery.And God forbid you much fervor, passion, love and a lot of happiness!
  4. «dear son!We wish you all the best that you want for yourself.Joy, health and happy days and a lot of frisky kids!Let the sun shine with joy, prosperity, love, peace and harmony! "
  5. «Son (son's name), all the best to you the earth, tranquility and well-being of your home, a strong family and wealth.We wish you happiness and joy to the family flourished, and the work was in full swing.To his wife - a beauty gave birth to seven heroes, the seven beauties, and daughters feast for the eyes, let the economy run by!Take care, respect the wife you love and happiness!

A long time ago it was decided to marry only after the son will receive the blessing of their parents.In other inmates marriage is unhappy and not recognized by society.If for some reason the marriage still lay without the blessing of their parents, the young tried to get even after the wedding. Now is not the time, but the marriage remains an important moment in the life of every man.That is why before the wedding for your son's support in the form of blessing of parents will be able to support and inspire him.

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