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Contests for the wedding witnesses

Strange as it may sound, but the wedding is not remembered kisses newlyweds.Memories of the wedding - is dancing, toasts from friends and relatives and, of course, absolutely crazy competitions.Moreover, it does not matter what specific competitions toastmaster prepared for guests is always a lot of fun.The most important thing in this whole wedding turmoil - to have time to take photos, to later remember this wonderful day.

Contests at the wedding should be moving and massive, if possible.They may be suitable not only for the witnesses, but also to all guests.

Wedding Contests witnesses

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These are simple competitions for witnesses and guests exist in nature.Such jobs are still very large number, but not all of them can be used in traditional wedding where the parents are present and "adult guests."The most harmless and unbanal - before you use them, and let wedding will be an unforgettable beautiful !

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