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Present for the silver wedding

25 years of marriage - a silver wedding . Silver symbolizes not only the castle Union, but also the fact that for so many years a couple has kept their love held many obstacles in its path.

Usually such a significant event couple gives each other a silver ring as a symbol of conservation union.According to ancient custom husband and wife should definitely wear this ring on the middle finger around the finger, which is an engagement ring.

silver as a gift on a silver wedding

tradition to give money for the silver wedding rests far into the past of our ancestors. Even in ancient Russia must present at the wedding was silver in any form: service, glasses, vases, cutlery sets. more decent gift than silverware, actually not. Silver represents secured and happy family life, tradition, beauty and health.

  • Silverware - is a family gift.It symbolizes the foundation of the family wealth.Glassware beat, out of fashion, home appliances will become unusable, but gift of a silver jewelry will always be p
    leasing to the eye and to remind the most important thing in the life of the bottom
    .Donated money can be kept in the family for centuries and remind about the ancestors and their traditions.
  • Even before the wedding the newlyweds ever gave three bottles of wine, uncork a day that silver wedding.The first bottle was to test her husband, the second was put on the table, and it marks the first toast, and a third left the couple so they drank it in the evening.
  • spouses put on the table silverware, table decorated with silver ribbons, silver plated lacquered.
  • also presented at the round date any silver jewelry, tableware, vases, statuettes with silver fittings, painting the landscape in silver-plated frame, any other home furnishings of silver.
  • For people who are engaged in collecting coins, a great gift would be some kind of commemorative silver coins.
  • At the end of the anniversary evening after the couple carried out guests, they sit down and drink hot tea, which symbolizes the unity of the spouses.

Gifts for parents silver wedding

  • There are many gifts that can teach children to their parents at such an event that would later become memorable.
  • Gifts can be individually or jointly.Assume for mom can give silver earrings, brooch or any accessory is also of silver.Father can give a silver ring, cufflinks, pens, racks and other accessories.To share
  • perfect gift any set or figurine, which will be an amulet in the family and will bring happiness and luck.Very enjoyable and will present spiritual family photos framed in a silver frame.

Another of the gifts to the wedding is a silver towel. This extraordinary gift for the couple.Generally before the wedding has traditionally always gave young silver towel.This subject - the symbol of love and fidelity, as well as the subject can bring spouses marital happiness.Such a gift handed down from generation to generation.It's a family heirloom, the couple kept their whole family life.

And, of course, any gift should always be combined with some kind of mental pleasant words .It can be any wishes from the heart, some poems, toasts, a song that will be written specifically for the spouses.The main thing - your warmth and attention!

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