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Hairstyles for a wedding witness

select what hairstyle to look stunning - a complicated question.After all, you always want to try something new and different.And what does not work, and the way out of control?To do this, you must prepare in advance several times to test the wedding hairstyle at home.

Now fashion simple and stylish hairstyles of natural hair.Not all girls like their hair color, but it's not a problem.There are many high-quality toners that do not burn the hair and give them a beautiful natural shade.

If you svetlenkie, it is best to choose the color of wheat.If you want to be red - buy a deep color that will not make you old and vulgar.Dark-haired brown-haired best to choose colors that are closer to the chocolate and brunettes have to be careful with black hair dye.This color is not everything, you risk becoming a very inelegant witness.

Solve the issue with the dress, shoes and accessories.Once dismantled, begin to think of her hair.

options witness hairstyles for long hair

For long hair has a lot of opt

ions.You can start with an excellent braid pigtail (link to the article about the braids).This would look better if you have blond hair.On holiday you can come up with a special design, or just to braid a braid, but with beautiful curves.

Another way: Wrap the hair in a special elastic band and build a so-called "Greek haircut."These hairstyles do better under a certain style of dress.Flowing dresses in chiffon floor will be a great addition.And, of course, a partial lack of makeup.This image - the image of the young Greek goddesses.And they are never used eyeliner and red lipstick.

Color plays an important role in the choice of hairstyles for a witness to the wedding.For example, if you are red, it is better to leave the hair loose and give them volume and do a bit of climbing, but alive.We get very effectively.

There are girls who love horses' tails.By itself, the hair is very beautiful and eye-catching, but we need a modest attire.Remember that you can not dress up for the wedding as well as the club.You will be standing next to the bride in a beautiful wedding dress.And you have to look worthy of its background, because of the witness can immediately understand what the bride.So you are to some extent responsible for its reputation.

And anyway, if you do not have a reference point, look at the stars of Hollywood.As for the evening fashion - there are pros.For example - Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst, Monica Bellucci, Olga Kurylenko.Browse photos from rugs and select the type of girl to your face, it will help you find the right hairstyle.

options witness hairstyles for short hair

Fine kare, beans, boys hedgehogs in nature also not malo.Emma Watson, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Holly Berry, Natalie Portman, Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley - all of them once took a chance andit has paid off.Short hair can make your way memorable.Just make sure of one thing: your face oval must be suitable for a haircut.It is important.

Whatever it may sound strange, but breast size must also be specified.Girls with large size short hair is not suitable.Korotkostrizhennye girls should be tiny and thin, only way to play.

If you have an opportunity to change for the wedding of your girlfriend, then go for it.It should be a penalty - make a penalty, can be even shorter - make shorter.Do not be afraid to experiment.Of course, a good short cut is necessary to fork.Do not go to the barber shop cheap and do not trust a close friend who "has long been themselves shorn his hair."Use the services of a professional and never forget that the miser pays twice.

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ceremonies Successful you, dear witness.Stay as beautiful as you deserve!

Especially for - Anna

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