How to find love for life?

Legend has it that before the male and female were a single entity.And then they separated, and all mixed halves, lost.Since then, everyone is looking for your soul mate to live life happily ever after.But how to find it in this huge world?How to understand that this is love, once and for all?

Why we sometimes do not meet those?And again and again to part, split up, and then again fall in love with someone else, once again, with the hope that it is the one who will live with the rest of his life ...

How to meet single?

to attract Beloved, first of all you need to radiate love.

The world is like a boomerang , if you are happy and rejoice life, share your love with others, then the world will give you even more joy and love, and the circumstances that will bring you these feelings.(In secret world only reflects and enhances your own thoughts J

This is the law of attraction can be explained differently. Maybe you have ever heard about the method of "visualization"? The essence of this method is t

hat you close your eyes and imagine your dream princeon a white horse. It is important to very clearly imagine it:

What are his eyes?



how many years he is now?

The more the very smallest details about your man, so much the better. But only justFew pictures. We need more to feel how you met, how your heart is beating? Are you happy? Relive it, try it in my dreams. And then, I assure you, you will not sit and wait, "Where are you, my prince?When you come? »...

And you will dance in the morning with the thought that you have long been familiar with it. Try to visualize the morning, just waking up, and in the evening before going to sleep. You will radiate infatuation!And then world, he will answer you in return!

you meet your soul mate quite unexpected way.It will just be what you imagine, and you'll wonder this magic.Verified!Home

clearly know what you want!

Maybe you want to give your friend or friend pay attention to you.The law of attraction works in such a situation!

one time I liked the guy for a long time, a student with me in a parallel group.He even dreamed of me.As a result, we had met by chance, and after a while he asked me to meet.I was shocked!I thought that he did not like me, and he liked every other girl - this was a nice and popular. Law of Attraction works , if to do everything correctly and earnestly desire!

And so, I sincerely wish you to meet and experienced great love in my life and I will be very glad if this article will inspire you and help you!

P . S .Double-edged sword

You may ask: how can I be happy now, when he's not there, and so lonely, unknown date when your meeting and will meet you at all?

On this occasion, there is a good parable, which is shown in the film "Peaceful Warrior."Teacher student promised to show him something, when he will be ready.And once he started the it on the mountain, and showed the student a certain stone.He was upset, and then I expected to see something more, passing the hard way in 3.5 hours."But all the way here you were excited and pleased !?You were pleased like a child on Christmas morning, you yourself said so, all the way here you feel great! "Replied the teacher."Puteshestvie..Puteshestvie - that's what brings us joy and not a goal." -Finally, The student understood.And now I ask you a question: how can you be unhappy when the dream of love?Anticipating her, introducing her?

And if you're still depressed, and feel sorry for yourself that there is no prince, or you do not deserve, the same prince just come to another.The one who knows how to love and enjoy life even without him, which have something to share with him - his love, and not to the one who thinks that someone will come and fall in love with her, though she herself does not even know how to love yourself.Start with yourself.And appreciate the moment!Learn to enjoy life.

And lastly I want to quote a phrase « Love is a butterfly that sat on your flower-heart» . Love is freedom.If you try it (butterfly) to keep it running scared and fly away.While you are in bloom and radiate light and heat - it will be with you.But remember, not necessarily a butterfly sitting on a flower forever, so live here and now and enjoy the love that you have in your heart and that you are able to experience this feeling!

Especially for LadySpecial - Mercury

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