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How to get along with her mother in law?

You, probably, sometimes the question arises, why do I get along with her mother in law, adapt to it?I have a loved one that I understand and support, and if I really love, his attitude toward me will not depend on the mother dislikes.But it is not, no matter how strong your love was not with her husband, his mother is a very important person for him, and you're important to build a good relationship with her.And life is an unpredictable thing, all of a sudden you ever need assistance in-law.So it is better to establish a good relationship at first, you can start from the first day of exploring.

Of course, it is difficult to call my mother a stranger.Accepted ask about this at the wedding of the young, and since then established family ties.Try to get used to this day to call her mother in law just so, and move it at least part of his love for his mother.Whatever the evil and pernicious in-law was not, it would be much nicer to hear the appeal mom.

It also happens that in-law does not like when her

mother called, better just by name and patronymic.In this case, do not insist, calls have so far, and eventually, perhaps, it will offer another treatment.

You will have some time to live with the husband's parents, and you are afraid, as if there were no scandals from domestic violence?Try to keep the established order in their homes, yet they are in the house, and the owners know what and how to do better, and your mother-in-older than you, respectively, and life experience she will be more, so try to listen to her advice can bethey tell you, then come in handy.As they say in a strange monastery with its regulations do not go, it is better to suffer for a while than to lifelong enmity.

Any conflicts over trifles take our energy and health of the time, so think about whether to spend the forces.Maybe sometimes useful to keep silent or try to hush up the conflict than to inflame relations with her mother in law?On this there is a saying - bad peace is better than a good quarrel.

Now, many young women are not in a hurry to get married, and prefer to first make a career, to become independent and to achieve certain heights.Therefore, gathering to celebrate the wedding, they do not want to live bird in a golden cage, and anyone to submit, even if it's the mother of her beloved husband.This is certainly a very difficult question, no one says you do all directions and his mother-in-curry favor with her, you can be quite to his own opinion and defend it, but remember that the mistress of the house she and adjust to you, it's not going to.

Psychologists assert that it is always easier to adjust to the young, as they have a flexible mind, the nature of further adjusted, and the nervous system is not so shattered.You should not ever desperate to prove to my husband that you are now the most important person in his life.Yes, maybe it is for a while and I agree with you and go counter to the mother, but the conflict is required to remember that you could not get along with his family.And here's nothing you can say.Learn to be a good diplomat and competent to conduct the dialogue.And it is extremely foolish to quarrel with her mother in law with her husband, or to whisper in his ear what his terrible mother.Believe me, my mother, he knows and loves a lot longer than you.

Imagine a situation where your husband does not like your mother and does not take her opinion, it is nice if you will?Any situation you try to try on yourself and your family, and only then has to draw conclusions.It is always important to remember that my mother, whatever it may be, any person in a life and love her just from the very moment of birth.You, too, in the future will become a mother, and then your children will acquire the families and you will also have to find a common language with the second half of children.Imagine that your beloved son, whom you brought up with all the care and invested his heart and soul into it, suddenly turned away from you just because of his young fiancee, settle in your home, could not find a compromise with you to communicate.

Universal tips on how to please any mother in law:

1) Understand it. your husband a child was always with her, grew up in her eyes, and now you came and took her place.With it, he will not solve many important issues and advised on every occasion, so it can frustrate the evil in you.Try to be with her gentler and kinder, showing that not pretenduesh in its place at the heart of his son.

2) talk to her and try to ask for advice more frequently , even if you do not very nice.In-law sees that you respect her opinion and consider a wise man.

3) Praise his mother in law. Anyone susceptible to flattery.But do not make empty compliments, mind you, it is best to get in-law praise it, you'll see her cold heart will gradually melt away.

4) Have patience and do not take criticism to heart. It is possible that in-law scolds you because I hope that you will become better and fix, even if she does not do it with the best intentions, just try not to react.There are people who are raised by the humiliation of others, maybe you are lucky and your mother in law of this number, then accepts all her jokes with a fair amount of humor, because you lose when you're angry and annoying, but if you're in a good mood, despite themockery in-law, then loses it.

5) If the situation is quite critical, Drop pride aside and go for reconciliation.Try to talk constructively -in-law, if, after the conversation did not get better, try to keep a neutral position.

There is another important piece of advice for you - never forget that you and your mother-in-love of the same man, and only then he will be happy when you live in peace and get along with each other.Because he loves you both, and does not want to stand up for one side.Warm friendly relations with her in-laws - the secret of success happy and harmonious couple.

And it is possible that you will not have to build relationships with her mother in law and have all happened by itself, because a good mother in law - it is not a myth!

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